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Mass Torts

Florida Actos Bladder Cancer Attorney In Florida

The Berke Law Firm P.A. has represented injured patients and consumers in Southwest Florida dealing with injuries incurred from dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. Recently, there have been concerns over possible side effects including bladder cancer, from a drug known as Actos. Pioglitazone, commonly known as Actos, is a drug that was originally developed as a treatment for adults with Type 2 diabetes and other blood sugar maintenance problems. Prior to investigative …Read More

Florida Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits

Many women in Florida, and across the country suffering from pelvic organ prolapse or urinary incontinence caused by stress are presented with many different treatments to correct these issues.  A popular treatment for these issues has been the use of bladder and pelvic support products, such as a Transvaginal Surgical Mesh. This particular treatment although popular, does not come without the potential for health issues. The FDA has been investigating …Read More

Florida Pradaxa Lawsuit Attorney | Pradaxa Side Effects

According to an article in the Madison-St. Clair Record, there are currently 176 cases pending in the federal multidistrict litigation filed on behalf of patients injured by the blood thinning drug Pradaxa. Pradaxa was introduced into the market to replace the use of Warfarin. However, the drug developed to reduce the risk of stroke and blood clots in atrial fibrillation patients has been accompanied by serious side effects some of …Read More

Florida Hip Replacement Attorney

On August 2010 DePuy Orthopedics issued a recall for their “metal on metal” ASR XL Acetabular System for Total Hip Replacement due to an investigation that these hip implants were failing. The implants would harm patients by causing particles to escape the device into its patients which leads to harmful, painful reactions which would require further surgical procedures to fix. Problems at this time are being reported by thousands of …Read More