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Bicycle Accident Lawyer Cape Coral

Seek legal help to stay away from risks after a bicycle collision

In the age of cars and motor vehicles, the bicycle is still one of the preferred modes of transport for many. From the beginning of its invention until today, no advanced models of cars could erase its existence. It serves many with beneficial purposes and has several advantages attached to it. From being cost-effective, eco-friendly, natural, and healthy, bicycles have many benefits. Many advanced models are being introduced in today’s time.

If your injury is severe and the bicycle has enough damage, you will definitely need to contact a bicycle lawyer. Many individuals contact a lawyer when they find that they are being blamed by the opposite party or are getting involved in any legal dispute due to the accident.

But, then again, just like any other vehicle, these pluses do not deprive a bicycle of accidents. We might think that these light-weighted simplistic two-wheelers are safe. We might be right, but not all the time. Many causes have made bicycle rides vulnerable to accidents.

  1. Highly busy and congested road scenarios
  2. Speeding
  3. Lack of attention
  4. Lane merging or intersection
  5. Parking lot, sideways and driveways
  6. Failing to maintain the gap with passing automobiles
  7. Bad weather conditions
  8. Losing balance

You cannot keep these mishaps away as they do not come with a notice. But you can always be prepared for one to reduce risk and hassle.

What wise steps to take after you meet a bicycle crash?

As explained, bicycle accidents can happen at any time, anywhere. Make sure to keep your cool no matter what and blindly follow these few steps commended by an expert group of BICYCLE ACCIDENT lawyer Cape Coral for your aid. How you act on it will ease the post-accident process for you.

As for first aid – The first thing to do is check for injuries. If you are hurt, ask for immediate medical attention.

Move to a safer area – If you and your vehicle are in a movable condition, try moving to a safer and more vacant area from the road.

Look for witnesses – If you see any witnesses around, you must mark them and retain them. They can help in your process of explaining to the police and law authority later.

Call for police and avoid interaction with the opposite party – It is best not to get into a conversation with the opposing party till you have called the police. Conversing informally and in a heated temperature can make things more hectic. You can even end up getting the whole blame on yourself, which you do not want.

Take the assistance of a bicycle accident attorney – Among all of these, this is probably the wisest step you will take. If the accident was not very minor, it is best to reach out to a legal expert.

There are many practical reasons to rely on the reputed services of bicycle accident attorney Cape Coral. Legal professionals can handle many stressful chores on behalf of you. We cannot only save you from legal hassles but also get you your deserving compensation. If you assume that the other driver or biker was at fault for any damage caused to you, it is better to think about consulting an attorney.

What are some of the leading causes of bicycle accidents?

Bicycles are easy to ride and environmentally friendly. There are many other benefits that they hold. However, it is essential to note that bikers are quite less protected compared to that of car drivers. Bicycle accidents result in different kinds of injuries.

When it comes to choosing a lawyer, there is an array of nitty-gritty that is involved nowadays. There was a list of reputed handfuls of attorneys in the early days. But the twenty-first century’s online platform will expose you to a large number of options. But remember that not all will provide you with the same quality of service.

Each bicycle case happens in different circumstances. Listed below are some of the common causes;

Left-turn collisions – This is a prevalent scenario when it comes to bicycle collisions, and hence it is on the top of the list. As the cyclist approached an intersection, a vehicle was already in the intersection, taking a left turn. Any driver who was not paying any attention might pull in front of the bicycle directly or even slam into it. This can cause the cyclist to collide into the side part of the car.

Clashes at intersections – A cyclist stops at a particular intersection. However, a car driver does not, and this results in some sort of a rear-end crash. Generally, the driver was heading way too fast or even following way too closely and could not use the break-in time.

Clashes with the doors – A vehicle occupant might tend to open a door without checking if the bicyclist is heading from behind. This can make the bicyclist slam into the vehicle door. This is one of the common collision reasons and often happens when the vehicle occupant is getting out of the wrong side of the road.

Right-hand turns or the right hook clashes – As a car and the bicyclist reach an intersection of roads, the vehicle takes a right turn while crossing the bike lane. It hits the bicyclist. In most of these situations, the bicyclist was going straight on the route. At times, the car’s driver does not use the signal to keep the cyclist alert.

Is it worth contacting a bicycle accident lawyer?

The importance of getting legal support in case of bicycle accidents is enormous. These expert minds can help you navigate safely out of plenty of complications and disputes. They hold a certain amount of field knowledge and experiences and have dealt with much profile that seems similar to yours. So, with these pluses, the chances of your case approval can increase significantly. Here are the examples of some of the responsibilities and chores that a lawyer can carry out for you.

  • Gathering medical documents
  • Collaborating with insurance companies
  • Networking with other legal professionals
  • Suggesting additional medical tests and examinations
  • Applying legal strategies to maximize your compensation
  • Setting expectations with the other party
  • Representing your case in the best way possible to the jury
  • Offering additional solutions and valuable advice based on your case specifications

Contact a law firm with good reputation and rich experience.

The reputation of the law firm from choosing your bicycle accident attorney will play a significant role. You will need to make sure that you have selected a law firm that assigns one of the experienced bicycle injury lawyers to handle your case. You can also focus on the fact that they are well qualified and have a certain level of experience in the field that you are looking forward to.

Any reputed law firm must have an official website. The best part of checking them out is to get to go through the reviews, which will help you get clear about their service quality. You will get to know the feedbacks and the comments from their past clients.

Many people ignore the means of communication. But it is crucial to focus on communication and interaction. A vehicle accident case can be quite complex and lengthy, and you must ensure the source of communication. In your first meeting, you will need to clarify how your attorney is going to communicate or interact with you and how frequently. This will determine assurance about the time length, settlement, and other nitty-gritty of the case.

Professionalism and additional legal assistance from a reputed bicycle accident lawyer matter a lot.

Other than the above-mentioned points, it is also essential to make sure that they are professional with their methods and commitments. Make sure that you attain a certain level of additional guidance and assistance when in need. You might experience complex situations during your case that will demand expert advice and assurance from your attorney.

Do you have any Questions? Here are some FAQs about Bicycle Accident in Cape Coral

1. From whom can I recover compensation for damages?

It depends on whose negligence caused the accident, or whoever was at fault. Then be it the vehicle owner who was driving himself, a driver using the rented bike, the manufacturer or retailer of the motorcycle or vehicle, a governmental entity responsible for maintaining the bicycle lane or anyone else who was at fault.

2. Whom should I contact first, an insurance adjuster or an attorney?

Always talk to a bicycle accident attorney before talking to anyone from the insurance adjuster team. It is because the adjuster’s task is to minimize the amount to satisfy your claim. An attorney can very well analyze your loss and deal with the insurance adjuster and other people on your behalf to protect your rights.

3. A roadway defect caused my bicycle accident. Can I file a claim?

Yes, you may file a claim. But the accident should have been caused due to the negligent actions of any person or authority. If the defect was caused naturally or due to natural calamity, you could not file a claim.

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