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As in other states, Florida has many identity theft laws implemented to protect consumers.

Identity Theft

Anyone in Florida who knowingly uses someone else’s personal identifying information without that person’s consent, or without legal authority, commits identity theft. Identity theft occurs when, without the consent of the owner, someone:

  • Obtains, or tries to obtain, property, services or anything of value by using someone’s personal identifying information
  • Possesses personal identifying information or devices without actually obtaining something of value
  • Defrauds, alters, or creates a written instrument or financial device in someone else’s name
  • Applies for an application of credit or other type of financial device in someone else’s name, or
  • Obtains a government issued document with someone else’s personal identifying information.

Criminal Impersonation

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It is also a crime in Florida to impersonate someone. Anyone who assumes a false or fictitious identity commits criminal impersonation if that person:

  • Marries someone else
  • Posts bail on someone else’s behalf or becomes a surety in any civil or criminal matter
  • Confesses a judgment, or verifies, or otherwise acknowledges or publishes, a legal written instrument intending it to be taken as true
  • Acts under a false or fictitious identity and performs an action that might lead someone else to become civilly or criminally liable, or
  • Acts under a false or fictitious identity to gain a benefit or injure or defraud another person.
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