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Do You Have To File A Claim After An Auto Accident?

Automobile accidents can dramatically change our lives. One moment, your life is going well. The next moment, your car or truck is struck. Although not all accidents are serious, many can be. Sometimes, a car accident is so bad, that the victims may be injured or disabled for life.

Some car accidents are even lethal.

Unfortunately, many people involved in car accidents do not take the necessary steps they should. Victims of auto accidents fail to act swiftly. They incur heavy medical bills. In many cases, victims of automobile accidents simply need help. Lawyers can offer this all-important professional help.

The reason many people fail to seek legal help is that many people do not recognize when legal help is necessary. Following car accidents, most people just want to get better. They want to put the accident behind them and move forward.
However, it’s not always easy to move forward. In certain cases, the car accident is more than merely a car accident. It’s a personal injury accident.

Personal injury refers to a specific area of civil law in which one party is considered at-fault for an accident or incident. By extension, this party may also be held at-fault for the resulting injuries. During many car accidents, personal injury law can be applied.

In fact, many accidents are the direct result of another driver’s negligence. Some drivers are speeding or making sharp turns. Some drivers aren’t watching the road. Other drivers, sadly, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

There are many cases in which a driver may be responsible for the accident and its resulting injuries. In almost all cases, it is critical that a driver file a claim as soon as possible following the car accident. Many accidents that do not result in personal injuries also require that claims are filed.

When To File An Auto Accident Claim

In certain cases, an auto accident claim may not be required. In, fact car accidents that are extremely minor may be easily resolved without ever filing a claim. If you are involved in a minor fender-bender, or if your deductible is higher than your damages, you may opt to forego filing a claim.

Occasionally, drivers may decide to handle their accidents on their own terms. In such situations, the drivers can agree to future payments that are out-of-pocket. However, this does not always happen. Some drivers may be dishonest and not honour their commitments. Without filing a claim, there is no way to formally ensure that a driver will pay.

In most cases, it is best to file a claim. Although it may feel like a hassle, this process can ultimately ensure that appropriate damages and costs are covered. There are a number of steps that people in accidents should take, immediately.

What To Do Following An Auto Accident?

It is always important that you stay in direct and consistent contact with your insurance company. Although the driver who initiated the accident is responsible for reporting the accident, you should still contact your insurer.

After all, many drivers who cause accidents are afraid to report them. As soon as the accident has ended and you are able, you should begin gathering information.

There are several crucial pieces of information that you absolutely need from the other driver. Firstly, you need to ensure that you know the driver’s name and address. Secondly, you need to get the driver’s insurance company and policy info. Thirdly, you should pursue any witness statements, if possible.

Be sure to also get the names and contacts of these witnesses.

Moreover, take a picture of the accident as well. You will want to have photographic evidence in case of future disputes. A picture is also good for simple proof of the occurrence.

Auto accident claims can go a long way in ensuring that your costs and injuries are appropriately addressed. If you are the one responsible for the accident, you should always report to the insurance company.

If you fail to do this in a timely manner, you may end up having to pay for the damages and injury expenses on your own.

It’s important to understand that fault is determined by two separate entities. Firstly, the police officers determine for the purposes of ticketing. Secondly, the insurance companies will reach their conclusions. Typically, insurers evaluate witness and driver statements, evidence at the scene, and reports from authorities.

Of course, some automobile accidents never get a police report. Many police officers will simply not file a report if the damage is minimal. When this happens, a holder’s insurance company will usually agree with the holder’s portrayal of the accident.
People involved in car accidents should always go to a body shop to help determine the costs of the damages. Some victims of auto accidents will end up in claims court. Other claims may demand the expertise of a seasoned legal professional.

The best auto accident lawyers can help optimize these claims.

If you need a lawyer to optimize your claim, you need a lawyer you can trust. You need a lawyer who understands the process in a way that is conducive to your case. In other words, you want somebody who understands your problems.

You deserve a competent, forthcoming legal professional.

In some cases, insurance companies go to war. They will fight over the alleged expenses and costs. You may find yourself in a very tough situation. You may struggle immensely to make your case.

Nonetheless, your lawyer can become your best friend in this fight. After you file your claim, your insurer will begin the complicated but comprehensive process. Your lawyer can work with you to ensure that all insurers are acting appropriately and fairly. You deserve to have your best interests protected.

Collision insurance will allow you to cover the repair and loss costs of your accident. If your insurance company settles, you may be able to recover many of these expenses.

However, this process is not always easy. Many insurance companies will challenge the alleged costs, forcing you to fully argue your case.

This is why an auto accident lawyer is so important. With the help of a seasoned car accident attorney, you can reach a settlement that is full and fair.

File a winning claim and get the money you deserve. At Berke Law Firm P.A. we have experienced attorneys who can help you throughout the process.

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