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Fort Myers Florida Social Security Disability Attorney

The Berke Law Firm P.A. works with clients in Fort Myers and the rest of Florida with Social Security Disability claims. Social Security Disability is a federal program that provides disabled individuals with compensation so that they will be able to have a source of income when they are no longer able to work.

There are two different forms of social security:

  1. Social Security Disability: Social Security Disability is available to individuals who have contributed to a Social Security account. These individuals earn “quarters of coverage” based on their contributions. To meet the required number of quarters, an individual usually must work five (5) out of the last ten (10) years. While in some instances, there are allowances for younger persons who have not had the opportunity to work for that long.
  2. Supplemental Security Income: Supplemental Security Income is a need based program for individuals who are not covered by the Social Security Disability program. These benefits are determined based on individual income and assets. The standard for determining whether an individual is disabled for this program is the same as the Social Security Disability program.

In both instances it is imperative that you are able to show that you are “totally disabled.” This means that the individual seeking benefits must prove that they have a physical or mental impairment (or a combination of impairments) severe enough to prevent them from performing substantial gainful activity (any regular paying job) for at least twelve (12) consecutive months. The requirement is not whether an individual would be offered a job, but whether there are jobs available that he or she could perform.

If you have been denied social security disability, the Berke Law Firm P.A. will help you appeal the decision until you are able to recover the benefits that you need. We have the experience and knowledge to get you the Social Security Disability benefits you are entitled to.

The Berke Law Firm P.A. handles Social Security Disability cases on a contingency basis and is paid only if we are successful in obtaining benefits on your behalf. It is the mission of our firm to responsibly and professionally represent the disabled and their families, to pursue their rights, and to obtain the fullest amount of compensation and benefits that the law will allow.

Please contact the Berke Law Firm P.A. today for a free consultation.
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