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Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury is a rather broad area of law that addresses what types of damages one may seek in civil litigation as a result of injuries caused due to the negligence, carelessness or recklessness of others.

When an individual is the victim of a personal injury accident or incident, the law allows you to seek compensation against the at fault party. In most cases insurance companies are involved that look out for their bottom line and interests, not yours. When insurance companies do acknowledge their policy holder is responsible for the personal injury accident or incident, without the representation of an experienced attorney or lawyer, the amount offered will most certainly be less than what your claim may actually be worth and without regard to what the full extent of your injuries or the long-term ramifications your injuries will have on your life, including future medical treatment or a potential diminished quality of life as a result of your injuries.

When seeking compensation in a personal injury liability claim, the legal council you choose may make a significant impact on your ability to recover fair compensation to cover all damages and relevant costs as a result of your injuries.

As a law firm providing experienced Personal Injury Attorney – Lawyer legal services, we have proudly assisted many residents in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Immokalee, Lee County, Collier County, and those throughout the entire State of Florida with Personal Injury Liability claims. We are committed to protecting the legal rights of each and every client, while always striving to provide the highest standard of legal representation. Contact Berke Law Firm, P.A., by calling 239.549.6689 or by using our online submission form.

Our Personal Injury Areas of Legal Practice Include, but are not limited to:

  • Auto Accident Personal Injury
  • Aviation Accident Personal Injury
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Boat Accident Personal Injury
  • Brain Injury
  • Burn Injury Liability
  • Child Sex Abuse Cases
  • Commercial Truck Accident Personal Injury
  • Construction – Industrial Accidents
  • Defective Product Liability
  • Dog Bite Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury
  • Neck, Back, Spinal Cord Injury
  • Nursing Home Abuses and Neglect
  • Passenger Accident Personal Injury
  • Pedestrian Accident Personal Injury
  • Premise Liability
  • Drug Liability Litigation
  • Slip and Fall Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death Liability

Personal injury claims are subject to “Statute of Limitations” which dictates the time constraints you have to file for a personal injury claim. It is also important to file your claim as soon as possible, as obtaining witness statements and other relevant evidence and facts of your case is better served immediately after the incident.

If you have questions, concerns, or legal needs regarding personal injury liability issues, we urge you to seek the legal advice of an experienced Cape Coral personal injury attorney – lawyer at Berke Law Firm, P.A., by calling 239.549.6689 to schedule a confidential legal consultation.

We will start to immediately level the playing field by contacting the insurance companies involved right away. We handle all of the necessary documentation and paperwork necessary to properly document your case. By taking charge of the legal aspects of your case, you can focus on your medical treatment and physical recovery.

Depending upon the circumstances of your personal injury case, we will aggressively seek justice for you for the following forms of compensation:

  • Injuries resulting from the personal injury accident or incident;
  • Property damage (when applicable)
  • Lost wages due to time missed from work, and inability to perform your work related duties;
  • Medical bills directly related to your injuries, including medical treatment, physical therapy &, rehabilitation costs, prescription costs, necessary medical equipment, and if necessary, long term or permanent treatment and care;
  • Pain and Suffering;
  • Long term or permanent diminished quality of life;
  • And in the unfortunate event of a loss of life, compensation, for the immediate family, as a result of a wrongful death.