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Slip and Fall Lawyer Fort Myers

Slip and Fall Accidents Victims Can Apply For Compensation

A terrifying aspect of slip and fall accidents is that it can occur anywhere and at any point in time. In one instant, the victim might suffer severe injuries like TBI or traumatic brain injury, damage in the spinal cord, or even tragic death. Besides the acute pain, the injury also escalates medical bills, financial burdens, and mental traumas.

Given that slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere, victims might meet such accidents in public places like a store, street, or somewhere else. When the property owner neglects hazardous conditions and results in injury-causing falls, they can be liable for the victims’ losses.

Common Slip-and-Fall Accident Cases;

According to studies and reports, many victims of slip-and-fall accidents suffer from moderate to severe injuries. The accident can result in the victim’s broken bones as well. However, more severe cases contribute to other catastrophic injuries like spinal cord damage or TBI. Look at the most common slip-and-fall accidents when you might need professional assistance from our slip and fall lawyer fort Myers.

  • Slippery floors and areas because of the wetness from spills. It might occur due to rain, mud, sleet, snow, or anything else. It can be a naturally slick surface, such as glass or stone.
  • Ramps and Staircases that include stairways with loose or treads and handrails.
  • Uneven surfaces can also be a cause, including bunched or torn carpets, bricks, and paving stones & potholes.
  • Cluttered aisles, hallways, some other areas.
  • Areas with inadequate lights.
  • Scaffolding and ladders.
  • Unstable surfaces like floors having broken or uneven tiles and floorboards

When to Call It a Slip-and-Fall Accident?

You need professional assistance from a slip and fall attorney Fort Myers only when you can call it a fall accident. The areas usually where fall accidents occur are mentioned below. Take a look at the points.

  • Retail stores like grocery stores, convenience stores, department stores, strip shopping centers, boutiques, malls, and more.
  • Sidewalks as well as parking lots.
  • Theaters.
  • Restaurants.
  • Arenas and Stadiums
  • Parks such as the amusement parks
  • Retirement homes as well as Nursing homes
  • Business offices
  • Private homes
  • Construction sites

Rights that Victims Can Claim after Such an Accident

Victims of slip-and-fall accidents who suffered by someone else’s property have some protected rights. In case the owner of the property has negligence that has contributed to the accident, then the victim can definitely demand the benefits via claims. The neglect can be cleaning up the damages, repairing the area, etc. You can obtain insurance money to assist with the medical expenses and other losses due to the accident.

Premises liability is a complicated legal scenario. Nevertheless, the sufferers can prevail in the legal claims. We can assist you with our legal consultations to people residing in Fort Myers. Through us, you can protect the legal rights by having communication with our competent attorneys. We can give you our track record of obtaining favorable results for our clientele.

How does a slip and fall attorney Fort Myers can help in getting benefits?

Our legal team will first proceed with documentation by gathering all possible records related to the case and validate them. These documents can include medical records, insurance policy information, medical bills, etc.

Then comes the time of the investigation. Our slip and fall injury attorney and the other appointed staff will proceed with a detailed investigation. In this process, every detail related to evidence to prove every loss in the slip and fall accident will be checked to understand your loss level. They can also see the police records, security camera footage, etc. to make your case strong enough.

Finally, Negotiation is done outside the courtroom. This happens in the presence of attorneys of both parties. Your slip and fall lawyer fort Myers will help get the compensation you may get entitled to. Both parties sign a proper contract if the other party agrees to pay the expected salary. If the negotiation process remains unsuccessful, then we will prepare for the trail and present your slip and fall case actively in front of the court.

Slip and Fall Settlements.

If the investigation of the case shows up that the victim has a good amount of proof to win the case, then he or she can contact the slip and fall injury lawyer for preparing the settlement package for defendants or the insurance company.

A responsible lawyer will demand a complete compensation package for injuries as well as damages. A competent attorney knows how to prolong the particular case, and at the same time, take steps to get the case resolved through settlement efficiently.

Slip and Fall Accidents & Lawsuits.

If the suspect and insurance company do not want to settle for fair compensation, a lawsuit must be filed. Before getting a trial date and time, the court shall order mediation between parties. The trip and fall lawyer always aim at reaching for successful settlements and save your time. Nonetheless, they approach the negotiations like there is some trial. 

Defendants & insurance companies are not going to be serious in case the professional does not show them the preparation for the court. With expert knowledge of a legal consultant, they would realize the right time to offer the compensation that the victim deserves. Usually, they come forward with more reasonable proposals to settle for a fair deal.

The reputable law firms walk the extra mile to settle with a completely fair deal of compensations. They opt for the trial option, and if necessary, they also file the appeal. You can talk to an attorney in case of following concerns;

  • Unreasonable accidents by falling on slippery surfaces in Fort Myers.
  • Experiencing slip & fall injuries and accidents in Fort Myers.
  • When you are unsure of what to do after the accident in Fort Myers.
  • When you have evidence of slip and fall accidents occurring in Fort Myers.
  • When you experience no warning signs for the slippery floors. 
  • What stores in Fort Myers must do in order to prevent the slip and fall.
  • Slip and fall on public property or even private property.
  • Slip and fall injuries and accidents occurring in the parking lot. 
  • Slip and fall accidents and injuries are occurring in hotels or even resorts in Fort Myers.
  • Negligence in the security case in Fort Myers.

Trustworthy law firms endeavor to offer the most excellent legal service to clientele professionally and effectively. They would never refer the cases to some other firms. Responsible accident lawyers are always by the client’s side to offer the final resolution of the case.

Injured in a fall in Fort Myers? Get Our Legal Assistance Today

If you are a victim of a slip-and-fall accident and have serious medical issues caused by the negligence of the property owner in Fort Myers, then we can walk the extra mile to fight for your compensation and other losses caused by the injury. You can contact us today for legal consultations today. Our experienced slip and fall accident attorney will meet you for the initial consultation and work accordingly.

Top 3 Common Questions about Slip and Fall Accident in Fort Myers.

Q.1. Who can be held responsible for slip and fall accidents?

Ans. Well, there can be many people or entities that can be held liable for slip and fall cases. Like when you trip and fall in front of a building, the property owner can be held accountable. If the property is rented and the accident happened due to renter’s negligence, both of them can be held responsible. Talk to an attorney to know who is liable for your injury in your case.

Q.2. Can I receive compensation from a store owner if I was injured in a slip and fall accident on their premises?

Ans. All stores should keep their premises safe for their customers and employees. Certain facts can help you determine whether the store owner was actually responsible for your injury. Like, if you tripped due to any slippery substance on the floor, the store shall be liable for your loss. A slip and fall lawyer can help in getting the damages from the responsible party.

Q.3. I got injured due to a lot of ice gathered in front of a building. Can I sue the property owner?

Ans. Generally, property owners are not liable to remove ice in front of their building. So, you cannot file a claim just because of ice in front of that building. If the ice was accumulated due to some inappropriate conditions, you might qualify for compensation. An attorney can analyze your case and tell you more details.

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