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Personal injury law is also known as “tort law.” Many types of injuries come under personal injury law. If you experience any type of accident and get injured, filing a personal injury lawsuit can be a good option. By submitting a claim, you will be able to sue the responsible person/authority for your accident. You can seek monetary compensation for your medical bills as well as your pain and suffering. However, you should keep in mind that not every injury will automatically result in legal liability.

Getting the best possible legal representation for your case is important. It is about finding an experienced attorney and one that you feel understands case and all that you have gone through. Too often, attorneys do not fully appreciate the extent of their client’s injuries. Although this may be due to the client’s inability to appropriately articulate what has happened to them, often, it can be the fault of the attorney. Sadly, many lawyers are overworked, understaffed, and unwilling or unable to be accessible and attentive to your needs.

If you are a personal injury victim in Bonita Springs or its surrounding areas, you deserve a Personal Injury Lawyer that can provide you with what you need. You deserve a lawyer who is reputable, bright, experiences, and capable.

You most certainly deserve and should demand legal counsel that shows compassion and empathy and who can calmly and efficiently explain the personal injury claim process to you. If your attorney cannot do these things, they will likely never get you the full and fair compensation you are entitled to under the law.


Types of personal injury claims:

  1. Car accident- There are a large number of auto accidents which occur every day in the United States. Car accidents are among the most common types of road accidents that people list in their claims. It is important to know the appropriate steps to take after you or someone you know is seriously injured, or killed, in a car accident. You can experience a lot of financial, physical, and emotional distress when you or someone you love gets injured and has to undergo long-term treatment. The drivers at fault are usually held for liable for the costs associated with the injuries and other losses from the accident that resulted due to their negligence.
  2. Slip and fall accident cases- These types of accidents happen when you fall in any premises, due to the negligence of the property owner. Every property owner has certain responsibilities. If you own a property, you have to keep the premises free of hazards and safe for people who may come across your property. If anyone gets seriously injured due to your negligence, you will be liable to pay compensation. The injured person can talk to the property owner directly when seeking compensation. However, if they don’t take responsibility and offer monetary support directly, talk to an attorney to discuss whether filing a lawsuit is appropriate.
  3. Medical malpractice- This type of claim is valid when a healthcare professional, including a doctor, nurse, pathologist, or any other person/authority, does not provide the standard level of care. If the absence of an appropriate medical standard of care causes an injury to the person or worsens the condition of the patient, you can file a claim. It is essential to know that you cannot blame a medical professional just because the treatment did not give expected results. Medical malpractice cases are challenging to win because you have to provide complete documentation to show negligence.
  4. Dog bite- If the dog owner did not obey the law and his pet bites or causes another kind of injury, you must consult an attorney to know if your case makes you eligible to file a claim. The expected responsibilities from a dog owner vary from state to state. In many states, only certain types of dog bite injuries make you eligible for receiving monetary compensation. Whereas, in other states the “one bite” rule is followed. To know if you can make a claim, you can talk to an attorney and discuss your concern.


Assault, battery, and other intentional torts also come under personal injuries. If someone faces intentional torts, or assaults, resulting in injuries and other personal harm, the victim may file a personal injury lawsuit. Our Bonita Springs Personal Injury Lawyers are experienced in handling all types of personal injury lawsuits. We can help you to get compensation for all kinds of injuries.

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