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Dog Bite Attorney Fort Myers

Dog Bite Injury Victims Can Apply for Compensation with Reputed Legal Professionals

A dog bite is a type of injury where an aggressive dog attacks a person or an animal. If it wasn’t your fault or you were not provoking the dog in any manner, you can seek compensation for the same. Dog bite injuries are one of the most common types of personal injuries. Approximately 800,000 people are affected by dog bites every year. Their condition is worse that requires special care and medical attention.

Most dog bites occur in the home and the presence of the dog owner only. If the dog owner is present, then it is his/ her negligence. He/ She is responsible for your pain and suffering. They are liable to compensate you for your injuries. You can seek to consult Fort Myers Dog bite attorney to understand how you can take this further.

Here’s a small guide for you to understand the steps you should take after being involved in a dog bite injury.

What to do if you are involved in a dog bite/ attack?

Every state follows different rules for dog bite cases, and dog bite victims can apply for compensation for their loss. According to varying laws in your state, you can file a claim. Industry experts suggest consulting a dog bite lawyer if any person faces dog bite injury due to others’ or dog owners’ negligence.

Many states have enacted statutory law in the form of Dog Bite Statutes. Unlike the prevailing rules for other accidents, these statutes the dog bite victim is not required to prove the dog owner’s fault behind their injury and other losses. If you or your loved one has been involved in a dog bite/ attack, consider taking the following steps.

See a medical professional

It seems pretty obvious. However, it is one of the most common mistakes that many applicants make. They don’t seek medical help if they have minor damage. However, an applicant must visit a medical professional. This can strengthen your case and will also affect the amount of compensation that you might get. The doctor’s documentation will help you claim that you got an injury because of the dog bite. Therefore, you should always consider visiting a medical professional and getting it treated.

Call the police and report the incident.

Reporting the incident to the police will also strengthen your case and increase your chances of getting better compensation claims. If dog bites have attacked you or your family members, you should immediately call them. You can also visit the nearest police station to report the incident. You can consult a legal professional or dog bite attorney Fort Myers for reporting the incident.

Gather evidence and speak to eye-witnesses

Evidence plays a very significant role. If you are unable to prove that it was the negligence of the dog was dangerous, then your claim will get rejected. You need to have complete evidence, or you should be able to prove that it was the fault of the dog or the dog owner. You can consider taking the following steps:

Take photos of injuries – You should take pictures of your injuries. It will help you in strengthening your case. You can consider taking photos over a certain number of days to show the before and after.

Keep the clothes as evidence – You should consider keeping the clothes you wore that day in an unwashed state. It will help strengthen your case if your clothes were torn and are in a damaged situation.

Speak to eye-witnesses – If there were any eye-witnesses, speak to them. Ask them their names and details for future references.
You should also note the details of the dog owner.

Speak to Fort Myers Dog bite attorney to speed up the process of compensation. Our team of lawyers will analyze your application and help you get the desired claim.

What can a dog bite injury lawyer can do for you?

Dogs are undoubtedly a great companion, and having them is nothing less than a blessing. But sometimes, they cause injury to humans, and those injuries cause many other losses.

Sufferings can be beyond your initial pain, injuries, and other loss. These can let you bear unexpected costs. To know if you are liable to get compensation for your loss, it following factors will be considered. Take a look into some factors that can affect your injuries;

  1. Severity of injuries
  2. Medical expenses
  3. Hospitalization charges
  4. Lost income
  5. Any scarring or disfigurement

A dog bite attorney Fort Myers can help you better to determine if you have a claim. When they find any chance to receive the benefits, they will provide complete assistance. Right from the application process, document collection, evidence validation, and all the needful steps, our attorney will assist in every step, until you receive the compensation.

At Berke Law Firm, you can book your first free consultation with an experienced attorney to know your chance to receive monetary compensation. We will evaluate every extent of your loss and file a proper claim so that you can get what you deserve.

How can I maximize the compensation for my dog bite injury?

There are quite a number of factors that are involved when it comes to dog bites. Hence the compensation amount also varies based on them. Your attorney will generally use a certain number of legal strategies that suit or align with your case. For instance, if the dog bite you have experienced is severe, they will efficiently collaborate with your medical professionals, suggest additive medical examinations.

In animal bite cases, dog bite injury attorney also checks if there are any plastic surgeries needed. If operations are involved, you can undoubtedly value your dog bite case significantly as medical surgeries are expensive. They also focus on detecting if the victim can face any unexpected medical issues in the log-run. That way, there is added post-surgery or critical recovery value added to the existing compensation.

Common Questions about Dog Bite Injury Cases that people in Fort Myers ask-

Q.1 What is the expected time duration for a dog bite settlement?

Usually, the dog bite case shall be presented to the jury within a time length of 6 months. Most of the dog bite cases take a similar amount of time. But this depends on how many cases the court has to deal with before yours.

Q.2 What Facts we need to represent to win dog bite claim?

Some important facts/ evidence that you may have to show are-

  1. The owner knew about dog’s dangerous nature,
  2. Owner failed/did not try to protect you,
  3. Dog attacked and bit you,
  4. You suffered several injuries due to the attack by a dog.

Q.3 Will an insurance company pay off for the dog bite?

This strongly depends on whether it was intentional or just an accident. If it was intended, just the victim’s agency should provide the coverage.

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