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JUUL Lawsuit Compensation

JUUL addiction rates are increasing day by day and this has become one of the major health issues today. JUUL was introduced in 2015, but within a short period of time, its addiction has raised alarms for all of us. Did you know Vaping is considered far more addictive than cigarettes?

A lot of survey reports have revealed that JUUL is more addictive than any other available vape brands. It is because JUUL pods contain too much nicotine. Its addiction can destroy a person’s life and get rid of JUUL addiction is one of the toughest tasks. Many people don’t know that they can get JUUL Compensation if the situation goes beyond imagination.

Our law firm is representing those who are addicted to JUUL e-vaping devices. We are quite adept at handling lawsuits against product manufacturers for a considerable amount of time.

If you are a JUUL user and have developed addiction towards it, you may contact us today for a free consultation. Let us know some details about JUUL compensation, related lawsuits, and settlement.

What is JUUL?

Being credited to capture a significant share of the e-cigarette market, JUUL is the most popular USB-shaped vaping device. One of the highlighting traits of a JUUL e-vaping device lies in its design. It has a sleek and concealable shape that distinguishes it from other e-cigarettes.

Due to its USB shaped design, many parents failed to identify it as an e-cigarette. On the other hand, with JUUL e-vaping devices, you can find a large variety of fruity flavors. This makes it the best choice among all e-vaping devices for both teenagers and adults.

Since its inception, JUUL has always maintained that usage of its e-vaping devices is entirely safe. In other words, if you want to enjoy a cigarette, vaping on a JUUL device is a better alternative. But the actual situation is quite different.

Recent surveys have shed light on the potential danger of using JUUL e-cigarettes. JUUL devices expose the user to a large number of illnesses and can also make them addicted.

 Is JUUL Bad For You?

Well, it may seem at first that the use of JUUL devices is not wrong at all. This has been made possible by the ability of JUUL. This is essential to portray its tools as one of the healthier alternatives to smoking traditional cigarettes. Through their advertising campaign, they have done wonders.

Public opinion has changed. The consumers now believe that JUUL devices are robust and free of any hazards.

Interestingly, the FDA has stepped in to ensure that the general public remains aware of the detrimental effects of JUUL. The FDA also added, there are no pieces of evidence suggesting JUUL is a safer alternative to cigarettes.

Moreover, by making these tall claims about their products, JUUL has violated the Federal Law. The authorities have asked JUUL to prove that all their claims are correct about the e-vaping devices.

If you or your dear one qualifies to participate in a JUUL lawsuit, contact us today. We offer no-obligation consultations to the victims who have suffered a JUUL injury.

What Do You Need To Know About Being Addicted to JUUL?

Electronic cigarettes are developed in such a manner that they resemble cigarettes, writing pens, and other conventional products. These devices use a liquid that is comprised of nicotine and substances like glycol and glycerin, which acts as flavor enhancers.

JUUL products are the most common form of e-cigarettes being used by today’s youngsters. Moreover, a single JUUL pod contains the same nicotine amount as a pack of cigarettes.

The body usually absorbs the nicotine used by JUUL pods at a much higher rate than cigarettes. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received many reports regarding users who have become addicted to these e-vaping devices. Notably, many of them have also suffered convulsions and seizures emanating from nicotine poisoning.

Compensation in a JUUL Addiction Lawsuit

Current studies indicate-

The high nicotine percentage in the liquid of the JUUL e-vaping devices is making addicts out of non-smokers. Modern-day health experts are also using the term “gateway drug” to describe the immense popularity of JUUL.

Experts believe that there is a sizeable amount of nicotine present in these e-vaping devices. Besides that, these devices are quite sleek, which appeals to the younger generation of society. It doesn’t take long for a user to fall prey to the addictive nature of JUUL.

If you or your acquaintances have become addicted to nicotine with a JUUL e-vaping device, seek expert’s help. Our law firm can seek the following damages on your behalf.

  • Medical expenses (past and future) which have resulted from the injuries including addiction treatment
  • Past and future suffering and pain
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Applying punitive damages if possible

After you have stopped the intake of JUUL products, you should recall and start to gather evidence about how you feel after stopping. In a JUUL lawsuit, some of the best evidence you can show your attorney depicts the frequent use of JUUL products. Here is the list of some pieces of evidence which you should produce to your attorney.

  • Photos or video evidence
  • Medical records associated with JUUL
  • Receipts
  • Personal records and accounts related to JUUL use

How Long Does It Take To Get Addicted to JUUL?

JUUL has mainly come under strict impositions by several advocacy groups, healthcare, and federal officials. This has happened due to its extensive advertising campaigns. The use of bright colors and the promotion of fruity flavors have offered acts as a persuasion for adults. This is to take up e-vaping.

Though JUUL claims that its e-vaping devices are designed for a healthier alternative, the reality is entirely different. When heated, vape products of JUUL can produce particles of heavy metals. It can include cadmium and chromium, which can become lodged in lung tissues.

Contrary to views put forward by JUUL, studies show-

Extensive usage of JUUL e-vaping devices can make an individual addicted to them. All JUUL e-vaping devices consist of high dosage of nicotine, which can make the user highly addicted to them.

Due to the increase in awareness programs illustrating the health hazards of using JUUL devices, many people are filing lawsuits. E-Cigarette Lawsuit for Settlement can be filed on behalf of JUUL smokers.

Can You Get Addicted to JUUL?

Well, the answer to this question is pretty obvious. Yes, there are higher chances of getting addicted to JUUL. These e-vaping devices comprise of high concentration of nicotine. Notably, a single JUUL e-vaping device consists of the same amount of nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes.

On the other hand, the FDA has received a large number of reports. It expressed a large number of users who have become addicted to JUUL’s products.

Researchers have also said that JUUL vaping is more dangerous when compared to actual cigarette smoking. For instance, there are high chances that users of JUUL would develop bronchiolitis obliterans, which is also known as popcorn lung.

The research on the repercussions of JUUL is still on a nascent stage. The industry experts are already warning us to be prepared for a substantial increase in lawsuits related to e-cigarettes.

JUUL Injuries & Side Effects

If smokers start to begin the quitting process, e-vaping devices have emerged as one of the popular methods. Interestingly, when you think of vape devices, it is quite reasonable for you to have a specific image in mind. With the steady rise of vape culture, more and more people are adapting e-vaping devices.

However, the JUUL devices don’t fit this image. The JUUL devices are quite easy to conceal as they have a USB like an appearance.

The liquid in one JUUL pod comprises 5% nicotine, which is equal to a whole pack of cigarettes. Most vape juices contain less percentage of nicotine when compared to a JUUL device.

Here is the list of JUUL injuries and side-effects associated with its extensive usage.

It is important here to note the following fact-

The brains of teenagers are not fully developed, and extensive use of nicotine can be quite detrimental. It can put teenagers at risk for long-term illnesses, lowering of impulse control and mood disorders.

  • Youngsters can get addicted more easily as their brain has not been fully developed.
  • Using JUUL devices can act as a gateway to use other tobacco-related products.
  • The aerosol present in the JUUL liquid also comprises of harmful by-products. It also has ultrafine particles that are detrimental for the health of the user.

Other minor side-effects may include coughing, stomachache, nausea, COPD, etc.

Why File a JUUL Lawsuit?

Individuals with no previous smoking habits were led to believe that JUUL was better than smoking. They made this possible by advertising on various channels with alluring tags and slogans. However, those individuals who have started using the e-vaping devices of JUUL are now finding it difficult to quit.

Moreover, they are also suffering from significant health issues. Our law firm is helping these individuals to file Settlement for JUUL Lawsuit the damages that they have suffered. Notably, JUUL failed to warn about the various dangers associated with its e-vaping devices.

Now the situation is quite worse as thousands of people are trying hard to quit the use of JUUL devices. If you have suffered a JUUL related injury, you are eligible to file an e-cigarette lawsuit.

This lawsuit will hold JUUL responsible for its careless attitude towards society as a whole. These lawsuits also portray the following fact;

JUUL intentionally created a sleek and small device which can deliver nicotine, thereby making the user addicted.

To get the best legal help for JUUL related lawsuits, contact Berke Law Firm, P.A. Our attorneys are highly skilled, dedicated and, experienced in handling such lawsuits.

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