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Personal injuries come in many forms because they can happen in a wide range of situations and circumstances. They are unexpected and frequently, a victim simply can’t believe it happened to them. Life can go from seemingly perfect to suddenly dim and depressing. What was once a normal day can become the worst day of your life. If you’ve been hit with an unfortunate personal injury, you have every right to be upset, angry, depressed, and highly emotional.

In a personal injury case, you’re entitled to compensation for all kinds of loss. The person or company that is legally responsible for your injuries, will have to pay monetary compensation.

This type of compensation is also known as “damages” in legal terms. The amount of damages you claim depends on many factors. Deciding to file a personal injury claim is a crucial decision. It is important to know what comprises favorable circumstances for filing a lawsuit.


Basics of personal injury lawsuit- you can file a personal injury case when one person suffers injury or any other harm when someone else was responsible for the act. Whether it is a person, company, or authority; if their negligence caused an accident that resulted in severe injury, you might be eligible for compensation.

A personal injury lawyer can formalize a case for a particular type of injury because they know the law inside and out. Representing you and your case vigorously at a civil court proceeding is something that only an experienced Punta Gorda Personal Injury Attorney can do.

There are two likely outcomes of a personal injury case such as an injury from property damage, medical malpractice, car accident, etc.  They are either a Formal lawsuit or an Informal settlement.

  • Formal lawsuit- Unlike criminal cases, the personal injury case initiates when the plaintiff files a complaint against another individual, government agency, business, or corporation, stating that their negligent behavior caused them harm/loss as a result of an accident. This is generally termed as ‘filing a lawsuit.’ You can talk to an attorney even if you are not sure of the person whose negligence caused you the harm.

Negligence, and evidence to prove the negligence, plays a vital role in obtaining the compensation. The lawyers know how to analyze each case in various ways and to look for important details when gathering pieces of evidence.

Informal settlement- this option is preferred by many people as disputes are resolved through an early and friendly settlement process. If the plaintiff and the defendant agree, their attorneys and insurers can help them in settling the case faster as they don’t have to wait for hearing dates. This settlement is followed by a proper legal agreement stating that both plaintiff and defendant agree to resolve the matter through payment of a determined amount of money.

Types of damages in a personal injury case

At Berke Law Firm, P.A., we have highly experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Punta Gorda to address our clients’ legal needs. We approach each client individually according to their needs, and our clients trust us and feel free to discuss the case details to reach the best possible outcome. They are comfortable in sharing every detail to disclose all information pertaining to, what is sometimes, the most painful event in their lives. This is important.

Take a look at the types of damages you can expect from a personal injury lawsuit.

Compensatory damages- this type of damage is meant for losses caused by the injury you experienced in an accident. The compensation amount will be based on all kinds of loss. The compensatory damages are further divided into two groups, special compensatory damages and general compensatory damages.

Special compensatory damages as the name suggests, is to provide monetary compensation for some ‘special damages’ like medical expenses and lost income.

The medical expenses can include the cost involved for medical procedures like X-rays, hospital stays, emergency room visits, physical therapy, surgeries, etc. You will receive the reimbursement for medical expenses you have incurred from the day of accident until now, along with the expected costs in the future.

When we talk about lost income, the accident victim is entitled to the amount for the time they could not go to the work due to the injury. For example, if you had a fractured bone and could not go to work for three weeks, you can include the amount you would have earned during that period of time.

General compensatory damages- These are the “non-economic damages” that the victim faced due to an accident. General damages vary from case to case.

Punta Gorda Personal Injury Lawyer

An experienced Personal Injury Attorney Punta Gorda can analyze the non-monetary consequences due to an accident and include that in the final claim amount. A few common examples of general damages are-

  • emotional distress/ mental anguish.
  • Punitive damages.
  • Physical pain and Suffering.
  • Loss of consortium- these are included only in cases of wrongful death or severe injuries due to which the victim is not capable of providing the same level of care to their spouse.

Many factors impact a personal injury claim including the type of injury, medication prescribed, recovery length, permanence of the injury, and others.

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