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The Berke Law Firm’s Terms of Service (“Terms”) stands as a legally binding pact between users (“you” and “your”) and the Berke Law Firm, P.A. (“Berke Law”, “us”, “we”, “our”).
By utilizing the Berke Law Firm P.A. website, you affirm that you have reviewed and consent to abide by the entirety of this Terms of Service and those detailed in our Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”).

These stipulations delineate your entitlements and responsibilities concerning utilizing and any other webpages possessed or managed by Berke Law Firm P.A. which reference these Terms of Service (collectively referred to as “the Site”). Should you disagree with any of the terms and provisions outlined in this Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, refraining from using any webpage owned or managed by Berke Law Firm P.A. is advised.

This Platform serves solely for informational purposes.

Its contents, encompassing text, graphics, visuals, data, and any other material (“the Content”), are provided solely to offer Information. The Platform and its contents do not extend any offer to render services in any manner. The Information presented here may undergo alterations, deletions, or additions at any given time and for any reason without prior notice or legal obligation.

The materials on this Platform may require periodic updates to ensure accuracy regarding legal developments, rulings, or agreements and may occasionally contain typographical or technical inaccuracies or omissions. Berke Law Firm P.A. bears no responsibility or liability for the accuracy, usefulness, completeness, or availability of any information conveyed or made accessible to users through the Platform.

Berke Law Firm P.A. shall not be held accountable for any errors or oversights in the Content. Users are responsible for any risks associated with accessing and utilizing the Platform.

DISCLAIMER – The Site Does Not Offer Medical Advice Or Diagnosis

The Content herein is not to be misconstrued as legal or medicinal counsel and is not intended to supplant the guidance of a medical practitioner’s counsel, diagnosis, or therapy. It would help if you routinely conferred with your physician or a certified healthcare practitioner should inquiries arise regarding a medical circumstance.

The Platform may furnish data regarding pharmaceutical recalls, which may not be the most recent or pending updates grounded on the latest data concerning accessible pharmaceutical recalls.

Under no circumstances should you disregard professional medicinal advisement, alter medical treatment modalities in any manner, render determinations concerning medications or medical service providers, or postpone or waive the pursuit of medical guidance due to Information gleaned from the Platform, encompassing the data disclosed concerning pharmaceutical recalls. Your dependency on any information tendered by Berke Law Firm P.A., its personnel, or third parties are solely at your peril.

The Site Does Not Offer Legal Advice

It would help if you didn’t determine your lawful entitlements, such as whether to engage or abstain from doing so due to Content encountered on the Site. We advise consulting a proficient and comprehensively knowledgeable lawyer whom you’ve engaged if you harbor inquiries or ponder decisions connected to your legal rights and solutions. Berke Law Firm P.A. BEARS NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS OR INACTIONS ROOTED IN THE SITE OR ANY OF ITS CONTENTS.

The Site Does Not Create Any Obligation To Use

Accessing and utilizing the Site (including its elements, parts, or external apps), sending inquiries, data, or otherwise corresponding with Berke Legal Practice P.A. via the Site or through online correspondence does not form or signify a lawyer-client connection with any individual. The Content does not propose to represent you, create or seek to create a lawyer-client bond with anyone, nor does it provide legal counsel.


Disclaimer Of Liability For Site Content

The Berke Legal Group and any other entity involved in crafting, disseminating, or transmitting the Platform will not assume responsibility for any consequential, incidental, punitive, unique, or exemplary harm of any nature (even if The Berke Legal Group has been warned about such consequences) nor any detriment, lapse, harm, virus, unauthorized entry, or malfunctioning of any type stemming from your interaction and utilization of the Platform, our offerings, or from any content, details, substances, or goods provided to you through our offerings. TO THE UTMOST EXTENT PERMITTED BY RELEVANT LAW, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL The Berke Legal Group BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE TO YOU FOR ANY VARIETY OF DIRECT OR INDIRECT, DISTINCT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES LINKED TO THE UTILIZATION OF THIS ONLINE PORTAL, ANY MATERIAL PRESENTED HEREIN, OR FOR ANY ASSOCIATED ONLINE PORTAL. Any reference to a brand name on the Platform does not signify an endorsement by The Berke Legal Group.
Berke Legal Group LLC reserves the prerogative to alter, amend, or enhance the Website and its elements, as well as any associated services, at its discretion, without obligation or warning.

State Law Applicability

Berke Legal Group advocates holding licenses for legal practice in Naples, Cape Coral, Florida, Miami, Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Bonita Springs, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando. However, we cultivate strategic alliances with attorneys and legal practices in various states. Berke Legal Group may direct you to legal professionals nationwide to manage your matter. Additionally, we may represent clients associated with legal practitioners nationwide. The Platform may furnish data that may not align with your state’s legislation. It also furnishes insights into previous case resolutions, but their relevance to you or any state must not be presumed. It’s advisable to consult a lawyer to clarify how specific laws may pertain to your circumstances.

Intellectual Property Rights

You’ll utilize the intellectual assets of Berke Law Firm through the Platform. Berke Law Firm P.A., its licensors, or other contributors own the Platform, along with all its features, Content, and technology (including Information, visuals, software, insignias, text, displays, visuals, and sound, as well as their arrangement and design). These elements are safeguarded by copyright, trademark, patent, trade dress, and other laws governing intellectual property and proprietary rights. The trademarked materials, insignias, visuals, and trade dress provided to you via the Platform belong to Berke Law Firm P.A. or are licensed to it and are protected by United States laws and international trademark statutes.
These Utilization Conditions afford you an individual, non-inclusive, non-transferable, retractable consent to enter and exploit the Website. Solely for personal utilization, you can approach the Content on the Website. Employing the intellectual assets from the Website devoid of explicit authorization from Berke Law Firm P.A. or in a manner inconsistent with these Conditions of Service might constitute a legal breach enforceable by law. Exploiting Berke Law Firm’s intellectual assets for purposes beyond those stipulated in these Conditions of Service is categorically prohibited. Utilizing Berke Law Firm’s intellectual assets in a manner not strictly aligned with these Conditions of Service or lacking Berke Law Firm’s explicit consent may incur a breach allegation and cessation of a user’s entry to our amenities and the Website. The verbiage of these Conditions of Service neither signifies consent nor transfers any license for any Berke Law Firm P.A. intellectual assets rights by inference, estoppel, or otherwise.
Upon entering and utilizing the Platform, you recognize and consent that the Material within the Platform is governed by copyright. You shall solely utilize the Material for exploration and consultation and refrain from duplicating, replicating, transmitting, disseminating, vending, disclosing, or capitalizing on any section of the Platform in any manner.

Restrictions And Things You Can’t Do/Losing Your Access.

By accessing and using the Site, you agree not to:

  • Copying, sharing, selling, or using any part of the Platform in any way.
  • Adjust, deconstruct, dismantle, or dismantle the Platform.
  • Modify or erase any insignias denoting copyright, trademark, or proprietary entitlements from the Platform.
  • Reach and utilize the Platform beyond the bounds of the individual, non-inclusive, non-transferable, reversible authorization.
  • Reach and utilize the resources on the Platform beyond individual usage;
  • Use the knowledge and ideas from the Platform without permission from Berke Law Firm P. A or in a way that does not follow these rules.
  • Reach and utilize the Platform for an illicit, deceitful, or otherwise hostile intent or to entice others to participate in such activities.
  • Seek to gain illegitimate entry to any networks, systems, or Information through hacking or alternative methods;
  • Endeavour to disrupt or deactivate security or entry mechanisms.
  • Do not post any inappropriate, offensive, or hateful content that could get you in trouble with the law.
  • Publish, dispatch, or convey false or deceptive Information.
  • Infringe on Berke Law Firm P. A’s rights to their ideas, image, personal information, or special privileges. or any other person or organization.

Please be aware that Berke Law Firm P.A. reserves the right to, at any given moment, for any cause, and with no prior notification or accountability, restrict, halt, hinder, or cease your entrance to and utilization of the Platform if (1) you employ the Platform in a manner we deem unsuitable, a breach of the conditions above, or detrimental to the Platform, our licensors, our associates, our business, our clientele, our users, our personnel, or any other individual or entity; or (2) if we ascertain that you have breached these Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy, any other correlated terms or pacts, and applicable legislation.
Illicit entry and utilization of the Platform instantly void the permission bestowed upon you, as outlined in the “Intellectual Property Rights” segment of these Terms of Service.

Governing Laws

These Service Conditions are regulated by the statutes of the United States of America and the statutes of Pennsylvania.

Dispute Resolution

All disagreements, disputes, or contentions about this Terms of Service, the Website, or your entrance and utilization of the Website will solely be resolved through obligatory, singular arbitration rather than within the judicial system. The Commercial Arbitration Regulations of the American Arbitration Association in Cape Coral, Orange County, pennsylvania, will manage the arbitration process. By consenting to mandatory arbitration, you comprehend and consent to relinquishing the resolution of any contentions, disputes, and claims through any alternative methods and that any compensations granted or consequences resulting from the arbitration will be ultimate, binding, and subject to enforcement through legal procedures. You can only present claims on your behalf; neither you nor Berke Law Firm P.A. will engage in a collective lawsuit, a lawsuit representing a group, or an arbitration process representing multiple parties for any disagreements, disputes, or claims covered by this agreement. By consenting to arbitration for settling all disagreements, disputes, and claims between us, you acknowledge that certain entitlements you might have in court may not be accessible in arbitration. You agree to explicitly relinquish specific entitlements, including your entitlement to a trial by jury, extensive disclosure, an appeal, the entitlement to initiate legal proceedings, and any entitlement to collective arbitration or any amalgamation of individual arbitrations. You understand that one or more arbitrators determine an arbitration case; there is no judge or jury.

International Use Of The Site

The Website is governed and managed from within the confines of the United States. We do not assert any declaration regarding the entry and utilization of the Website from beyond the borders of the United States.

Links To Third Party Websites

Connections to external websites on the Platform are solely for informative purposes. Berke Law Firm’s linkage to external websites does not connote any support, patronage, or legal sanction to utilize trademarked Material, trade titles, emblems, blueprints, or copyrighted Content disseminated by or available on any linked external site, nor does it signify any affiliation between Berke Law Firm P.A. and the external sites we connect to. Berke Law Firm P.A. lacks control over the external websites we connect to and bears no responsibility for the Material or the accessibility of Material on external sites. Our Service Terms and Privacy Guidelines pertain solely to the Platform and do not extend to any linked external sites. We urge you to scrutinize all the terms and privacy guidelines of any external websites you seek to access and utilize, as we cannot guarantee their alignment with our own. Any exploration and utilization of external websites through our connections will be entirely at your peril.

Ethical Considerations

According to ethical obligations, Berke Law Practice, P.A. identifies its primary location at Berke Legal Solutions, P.A. Post Office Compartment 101530, Cape Coral, FL 33910.

Enforceability Of Terms Of Service And Privacy Policy

Suppose any part of these Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy is deemed invalid or unenforceable. In that case, it will be separately treated without affecting the validity and enforceability of the rest of these Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy, or any other included provisions. Any clause found to be invalid or unenforceable will be upheld to the fullest extent allowed to achieve its intended purpose.
Berke Law Firm P.A.’s failure to address a breach by you or others does not waive our right to address that breach or any future ones. Any consent or waiver from Berke Law Firm P.A. will be effective only if provided in written form.
These Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy, in their current form, comprise the complete agreement governing your use of the Site, replacing any prior agreements, verbal or written, on this subject, except where they do not conflict with agreements between Berke Law Firm P.A. and its clients regarding the attorney-client relationship.

How To Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Terms of Service, you may contact us using the Information below:
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