This privacy statement pertains to data gathered online from individuals visiting this site. Within this document, you’ll discover the types of data we gather, the circumstances and methods we may utilize, our measures for safeguarding this data, and the options available regarding your data.


We gather data about our users through three avenues: first-hand from the users themselves, from our Web server logs, and via cookies. Our main objective with this information is to tailor your online experience, delivering content, tools, and assistance that best suit your needs and interests. Rest assured, we do not disclose any of the information you provide to third parties unless explicitly stated in our Privacy Policy or when mandated by law, in which case we act in good faith.

User-supplied information:

Should you decide to complete the “contact” form on this website, we will request specific personal details from you, such as your email address, name, phone number, and state of residence. The only mandatory field on the contact form is your email address. Additionally, live chat support is accessible via this site. You might be prompted to provide information if you engage in an online chat. Please do not share private or personal information like your Social Security Number, date of birth, driver’s license number, or financial details such as credit card or bank account information. This information is sensitive and should be kept private. Suppose you choose to submit any Sensitive Information. In that case, you do so at your own risk, and we shall not be held liable or responsible for any consequences arising from your submission.
The information you give us in the contact form or online chat will be used to help answer your question quickly. Furthermore, we may leverage this information to engage with you in future interactions. Should you prefer not to receive such communications, you can opt out (unsubscribe) according to the instructions below.

Web server logs:

Upon browsing our website, we can monitor and record details regarding your visit, archiving them within our web server logs, which are comprehensive records of site interactions. These servers possess the ability to capture and digitally preserve such data autonomously. Among the various types of information we might gather are:
1. Your distinct digital identity, known as your Internet protocol address.
2. What is the title of your distinct Internet service provider?
3. The location details, including the town/city, county/state, and country of your website access.
4. Provide details about your browsing setup, such as the browser type or computer device.
5. The count of links you engage with while navigating our platform.
6. What is the time and date when you visit a website?
7. The website that sent you to our site.
8. The specific pages you explored during your visit.
9. Any particular searches or queries you performed on our website(s).
The data we gather through web server logs serves crucial roles in the management of our site, including administration, usage analysis, safeguarding against misuse, and enhancement of user experience.


We deliver tailored and personalized services, and our websites and applications may employ cookies and similar technologies to store and facilitate the tracking of your data. Cookies, small packets of data transmitted from a web server to your browser and stored on your device’s hard drive, are utilized for several purposes. They assist in identifying you, aiding navigation during your site visits, and tracking visitor movement across our platforms. Additionally, cookies enable us to retain your preferences, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry during subsequent visits. It’s important to note that cookie usage is commonplace and accepted online. While most internet browsers are initially configured to accept cookies, users can configure their settings to receive notifications upon cookie receipt or turn off cookies altogether.
Should you choose to deactivate cookies on this website, you have the prerogative to do so through your browser settings. It is imperative to recognize that the functionality of certain website features may be compromised if cookies are not accepted. For comprehensive guidance on managing cookies through web browsers, we recommend consulting the resource “All About Cookies.” Additionally, users can decline Flash cookies on this site by utilizing Adobe’s Flash management utilities. Furthermore, individuals can exercise control over Google’s utilization of cookies by accessing Google’s Ad Settings and opting out accordingly.
By using this website, you agree to cookies and similar technologies described in this Privacy Statement.

Third-party Services:

As legal counsel, we enlist third-party services, such as Adobe Site Catalyst, to enhance the provision of our services and gain insights into our website’s utilization by visitors. These services may gather data your browser transmits during a webpage request, encompassing your IP address and cookies. If these third-party services gather information, they do so anonymously and collectively aimed at furnishing us with valuable insights, such as website patterns, while safeguarding the anonymity of individual visitors.
Moreover, we may enlist the assistance of external entities to exhibit pertinent content, merchandise, services, and promotional material tailored to your needs. These external parties might employ cookies, web beacons, and analogous technologies to gather or receive data from this site and other online platforms. Subsequently, they might employ this data to furnish analytical services, allowing us to comprehend your preferences and tailor advertisements based on your prior interactions with this website. It’s crucial to note that we uphold strict confidentiality regarding your data and do not disseminate it to any third-party advertiser, advertisement server, or ad network.
Certain third-party entities may collect and utilize information to manage and tailor advertisements to your preferences. To gain insight into and exercise control over this process, you may visit Additionally, you can decline Google’s utilization of cookies by accessing Google’s Ad Settings. Should you opt out of targeted advertising facilitated by AdRoll and its affiliates, please refer to the designated page. For comprehensive details regarding the management of cookies on your device, please review the “Cookies” section provided above.


Our firm implements tailored security protocols designed to safeguard your personal information against accidental loss and unauthorized access, utilization, or disclosure. Nevertheless, it’s essential to understand that absolute assurance against unauthorized breaches cannot be guaranteed, as the nature of security threats constantly evolves.


As legal counsel, our firm upholds strict confidentiality standards regarding handling user data. We do not sell, rent, or lease mailing lists or any user data to external entities. Your personal information remains safeguarded and will not be disclosed to any unaffiliated parties except under the following circumstances:
Information may be disclosed to agents, website vendors, and contractors acting on our behalf or in the scope of their engagement with us.
Suppose we cannot directly assist with your legal matter but are aware of an independent attorney or law firm capable of assisting. In that case, we may provide a referral and share relevant information you have provided with that party.
Disclosure of information may occur as mandated by law, in matters concerning public safety or policy, as required for the transfer of our business assets (such as in the event of acquisition by another firm or during bankruptcy proceedings), or when we reasonably believe such sharing is necessary to safeguard our rights or property.

How can I change, fix or remove my personal information and stop getting messages in the future?

You retain the right to abstain from any forthcoming communications initiated by our firm at your discretion. Feel free to reach out to us using the telephone number, contact form, or postal address available on our website for the following purposes:
Discover the extent of information we possess concerning your person.
Request amendments or rectifications to any personal data within our possession.
Assert your right to the erasure or deletion of any personal information held by us.
Elect to abstain from receiving further correspondence or communications from our entity.
Should you harbour any further inquiries or apprehensions regarding this privacy policy, we encourage you to contact us using the telephone number, contact form, or mailing address provided on this website. In the event of substantial alterations to our information handling practices, we commit to promptly updating this platform with the revised policy.