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    Disability strikes when we least expect it. It may start as an illness or disease. It may result from an accident or injury. Many times, disabilities slowly take hold as we age. Our bodies and brains may deteriorate as life take its toll. Many people, sadly, suffer with disability.

    Thankfully, the federal government provides numerous benefits for disabled workers and their families. If you or someone you know in Cape Coral is disabled, it’s time to act.

    The Social Security Administration (SSA) is ready to assist. Founded over eight decades ago, the SSA is a powerful agency that helps millions of individuals and families across the country. Every month, many Cape Coral residents receive the benefits of the SSA. These monthly payments help to ensure that the poor and disabled can sustain.

    However, the SSA offers more than merely one kind of disability benefits. Even if you have heard of the SSA, you may not know much about it. Generally, SSA administers what is known as social security. In reality, social security is a social insurance program consisting of multiple types of benefits.

    Some people receive retirement benefits. Some people receive disability benefits. Some people even receive what are called survivors’ benefits. Many people enjoy the Social Security Cape Coral deserves.

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    Tax payment history required for claimants under most of programs

    If you pay into the system for long enough, you will meet these requirements. However, not all social security programs require a work history. The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program does not even require that you ever worked.

    Overall, social security is confusing. Many people who think they are entitled to benefits are not entitled. Many social security claimants have insufficient work histories, injuries or conditions. On the other hand, some people are eligible but never apply. Other Cape Coral applicants apply in a hurry, make simple mistakes, and get denied.

    There are many reasons that social security disability applicants get denied. If the SSA’s specific requirements are not met, the claimant will not qualify. Receiving SSD benefits is rarely easy.

    What To Expect From Your Cape Coral Social Security Office?

    Before you visit a Social Security Office In Cape Coral, make sure you’re prepared. You should do your research. You should understand your condition(s). You should have a top Cape Coral disability lawyer. You should ensure that you have addressed all potential issues and problems.

    A top disability lawyer recognizes that the process is difficult. If you are disabled, you may be struggling to think clearly. The last thing you want to do is worry about the application. This is why legal counsel is so critical. The best social security representatives take control.

    These sharp legal minds will analyze all applicable social security laws. These legal minds will also apply these laws to each individual claim. In truth, every claim is different. There are countless disabilities. There are countless conditions and caveats.

    The SSA even uses what is called a medical-vocational grid. This grid relies on a large data set. Medical and work documentation are required. Additional expert opinions may be required.

    There are five main questions that the SSA will ask potential recipients

    • Firstly, you will be asked if you are currently working. If you are engaging in the substantial gainful activity (SGA), then you are working. If you make $1,220 or more a month, you will probably not be considered disabled.
    • Next, the SSA will determine if your condition is severe. If it’s severe, it prevents you from performing most basic work for at least a year. After this, the SSA will look to see if your condition is listed under the SSA’s “blue book” of disabling conditions.
    • If your condition is not listed, the SSA must determine that the condition is as severe as listed conditions. If your condition is as severe as listed conditions, you will be approved.
    • If the SSA determines that your condition is not as severe as a listed condition, the SSA will look at your work capacity further.
    • The fourth step is to determine if you can perform previous work. If your medical impairment prevents you from doing past work, you will move to the fifth and final step.
    • At this step, the SSA will determine if you can perform any other work. The SSA will base this determination on many factors. These include your age, education level and previous work history. The SSA will also consider any skills you possess that you could transfer.


    Is seeking help from Social Security Disability Attorney Cape Coral beneficial?

    The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a 5-step process to determine that you are disabled. We know that the SSA routinely denies severely disabled individuals. We know the reasons. We recognize the common mistakes and pitfalls. We craft compelling claims that maximize the likelihood of approval.

    If need be, we will take your social security claim to the highest stage of appeals. However, we caution every client. It is important that each client recognizes the important steps the SSA takes in its determination. No client should have unrealistic expectations. The process can be long and time-consuming. At times, applying for benefits may become a struggle.

    • This is why we keep our clients abreast of every update in the application process. The road to social security disability benefits may be bumpy. There are potholes. There are stop signs. There are many roadblocks that our seasoned attorneys can navigate.
    • Truth be told, we have the inside understanding of the Social Security Administration (SSA) that few others can rival. We have a consummate conception of the rules. We understand the legalities. We are aware of the ambiguities. We know the system inside and out.

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