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    Seeking Help From a Cape Coral Truck Accident Lawyer 

    If you have been injured or involved in a truck accident caused by someone else, a Cape Coral Truck Accident Lawyer at Berke Law Firm, P.A., can help you recover compensation for your medical expenses and other damages. Call 239-549-6689 to book a free consultation with one of our reputed lawyers.

    Our legal team has been representing truck accident claimants for decades.  Attorney Bill B. Berke has handled truck accident claims since 1986, making him one of the most experienced truck accident lawyers in the region.

    Truck accidents can be devastating and potentially life-threatening events that leave you and your loved ones in despair and terrified of an uncertain future. If you are suffering the aftermath of a devastating truck accident, know that there are options available to you. You have the legal right to file a claim and seek compensation for damages caused by the accident.

    There are many consequences of a serious motor vehicle accident, such as a truck accident, that extend beyond financial concerns.  You may choose to go about it alone but the assistance of a qualified Truck Accident Attorney at the Berke Law Firm, P.A. will make the road ahead a lot less bumpy.


    A Substantial Number of Truck Accidents Happen Every Year in the U.S.

    According to a report published by Forward Thinking Systems LLC., 2,734 fatal accidents involving trucks and buses were reported in the United States in 2019.  Another preliminary report by A&I online – Motor Carrier Analysis and Information Resources Online ( revealed that, in 2020, over 55,097 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes, and 3,388 people were killed.  The bottomline is that a significant number of people are injured and killed in motor vehicle accidents every year.  People and their families are severely impacted by these accidents and must  bear hefty costs because of them. 

    You want a representative who understands what it takes to bring a successful legal action and has the expertise and resources to continuously pursue success. When you are trying to recover from serious injuries resulting from a tragic truck accident do you really want to be worrying about legalities on top of everything else? Of course not. What you want is time to rest, to identify the parties responsible, and to receive comprehensive damages that fairly compensate you for your losses. You want a lawyer who will call out the responsible party and make them pay.

    When you have suffered immensely due to another party’s negligence, recklessness, or carelessness, you are entitled to receive compensation for any losses that were a result of their actions. Remember, you could suffer for a long time. It is not something you may want to think about but it is a very real possibility that has to be considered. Given the probability of a prolonged convalescence, you are going to need money for rehabilitation, medical treatments, and many other losses or damages. 


    Common Injuries in a Truck Accident

    As trucks are heavier than most of the vehicles you will encounter on the road, it comes as no surprise that they cause significant damage when an accident occurs. A truck can weigh as much as 10,000 pounds, and if this kind of enormous vehicle collides with a passenger car, you can imagine the level of destruction. If a truck operator fails to follow traffic laws, their negligent behavior can result in a lot of damage. 

    Truck accident victims often face severe consequences. Here are some of the common injuries that truck accident victims experience following an accident:

    Head injuries– When you get hit by a commercial truck, people traveling in surrounding vehicles can also be injured. People have been ejected from their vehicles as the result of the extreme impact from a truck.  An accident victim risks hitting other vehicles on the road, or injuring others inside the vehicle. People can suffer traumatic brain injury when involved in these types of accidents. 

    Traumatic brain injuries– A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a type of head injury. A TBI occurs when the head experiences a sudden shock, jolt, or a violent blow. TBI requires immediate treatment because life-changing injuries are possible. The various effects of traumatic brain injuries include:

    • Slurred speech
    • Blurred vision
    • Concentration issues
    • Loss of consciousness for a specific time
    • Memory loss
    • Regular headaches
    • Light and sound sensitivity

    Concussions- A concussion is another type of head injury.  This is a mild TBI that is caused by a significant blow to the head. The patient can face blurred vision, headaches, confusion, dizziness, and temporary loss of consciousness.

    Whiplash- Whiplash occurs when soft tissue becomes damaged and causes neck injury. Symptoms can vary from person to person. They can manifest as pain in the upper limb, numbness, pain during neck movement, limited movement in the neck, or numbness in the arms and upper body.

    Other injuries- Truck accidents can cause any number of other injuries.  These may include back injuries, broken bones, spinal damage, herniated discs, strains, and more. 

    Regardless of the type of injuries incurred, if you have been the victim of a truck accident, it is important to explore your legal options.  Consult with a truck lawyer as soon as possible.

    Contact a Cape Coral Truck Accident Lawyer

    Our consummate professionals work efficiently and tirelessly to fight for what you deserve. We want to help secure your future and will do whatever we can to make that happen.  Do not allow the negligence of someone else derail your life. 

    Commercial trucks are often enormous, heavy, and can travel at high speeds.  Many also carry hazardous cargo. For this reason, they require a high level of skill and focus to maneuver safely. Talk to an attorney if you have suffered an injury in a truck or other motor vehicle accident so that we can discuss your rights and legal remedies. We will evaluate your losses, gather all relevant evidence needed to establish the driver’s negligence, and get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries, expenses, pain and emotional suffering.

    Our truck accident lawyer can work with you when you have experienced loss as a result of a serious truck accident. Once you have received necessary medical treatment and are in a stable medical condition, talk to an attorney to ensure you understand all your legal rights.


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