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    Auto insurance is not only fiscally responsible but is also legally required to operate a motor vehicle in most jurisdictions. The purpose of auto insurance is to protect against financial loss if there is an accident. An insurance company contractually agrees to pay losses in accordance with the terms of the policy. This enables parties to pay or recover damages related to an accident. Car accidents are stressful, especially when you are not at fault. 

    If the other driver refuses to provide insurance information or does not have insurance, the situation becomes more challenging. For more information on how to proceed against an at-fault driver who does not have insurance, please continue.


    The First Step After an Accident

    Unless there is a medical emergency, you should not leave the accident scene without asking for the driver’s information. You should always ask about the driver’s insurance information, including the insurance company’s name, policy expiration date, and policy number. You should also record the driver’s name, address, telephone and license numbers. 

    Do not forget to report the accident. If there is a responding officer, they will file an official report that includes driver information. The officer’s report can later be used as evidence in settlement negotiations or a later legal action. 

    If the accident occurred in a jurisdiction that mandates insurance, any drivers found to be operating a motor vehicle at the time of the accident without insurance could face additional fines and penalties.  It is recommended to file the accident report even when damages are minor.

    How To Find Auto Insurance Information After a Hit & Run Accident

    If you are involved in a hit-and-run accident, collecting information becomes challenging. If possible, try to record the make and model of the vehicle, as well as state of registration and license plate number before they flee the scene. 

    If you are successful with obtaining this information, report the accident to police immediately.  The sooner the police are able to locate the other driver, the better preserved any evidence related to the accident will be. 

    For example, if the driver had been operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, police may be able to apprehend them before the effects wear off, making it easier to prove liability.

    The Best Way To Find Insurance Information is Via the Insurance Company 

    If the other driver has provided their name and their insurance company, you can contact the company to obtain information on the insured’s vehicle policy. This is purely information gathering. 

    Do not agree to any settlement terms or discuss the case beyond obtaining policy information, at this point. There will be time for negotiation once you have more information.

    If you are intimidated by dealing with aggressive insurance company representatives or have been contacted by an opposing attorney, consider contacting a reputable attorney to protect your rights to recover damages for the accident.

    Finding Car Insurance Information Through the Department of Motor Vehicles

    Were you unable to collect insurance information before the driver fled the scene? Was law enforcement unable to provide assistance? Do not despair. You may still be able to locate the other driver’s insurance information by contacting the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The DMV may be able to provide certain information provided there is appropriate justification, such as having been involved in a hit and run auto accident.

    The DMV will require specific information regarding the incident, justification for the request, and your contact information. They may have a specific form required depending on your state of residence. The DMV reserves the right to deny the request for failure to provide complete or accurate information.

    What To Do When the Other Driver Does Not Have Insurance?

    In several states, it is necessary for drivers to carry a minimum amount of insurance coverage in case of accidents. Some drivers fail to follow the rules. They end up in an accident without the financial security that an insurance plan provides. In cases like this, you may still have several options to recover damages.

    First, you can carry underinsured or uninsured driver’s coverage under your own policy. With this coverage, your insurance company will compensate you for losses if you have been in an accident with a driver who has insufficient coverage or no insurance at all. You should contact your insurer to ask about coverage options that fall under your plan.

    Second, if you do not have coverage for uninsured drivers, you can contact a car accident attorney. As an experienced professional, the legal practitioner will pursue aggressive action against the driver to secure compensation for damages.

    If you are having difficulty obtaining the other driver’s information, you should contact an attorney for legal assistance. A lawyer will have the knowledge necessary to locate the information. In addition, a lawyer will negotiate with insurance companies to obtain fair compensation for your damages. 

    Collisions with uninsured drivers may complicate the task of obtaining compensation for damages. The first step toward recovering compensation for your damages is to determine whether the driver was properly insured.

    An attorney can negotiate a fair settlement for your injuries and other damages. In addition, they will organize and present evidence in court to prove damages and liabilities, if negotiations are unsuccessful.

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