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    Motorcycles have been proven to be more accident-prone than other motor vehicles. Sharing the road with bikes requires different safety precautions that people do not seem able to follow, leading to accidents. 

    Studies show that motorcycle crashes are more frequent than other car accidents. People in motorcycle accidents end up with more severe life threatening injuries and significant damages. 

    Motorcycles are not only ridden for the purpose of traveling but also for (lawful) racing and other fun activities. The fun can turn dangerous  if the riders are not careful. 

    You can seek legal assistance for a motorcycle accident from Berke Law Firm, PA, a reputable Naples Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. Road accidents are fatal for many people. If you have been injured in an accident or have lost a loved one due to the negligent or reckless actions of another, then do not hesitate to discuss your concerns with legal professionals. Doing so will help you to recover fair compensation for your injuries, a wrongful death, or for other damages.

    Serious injuries that motorcycle accident victims might face


    • Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries: 

    Spinal cord and brain injuries are some of the more common and dangerous injuries that motorcycle riders can face. For example, a direct hit from a larger motor vehicle can knock riders to the ground and can cause such injuries easily. A spinal cord injury can cause nerve issues that lead to being physically disabled or can cause cognitive deficits. 

    When the hit is directly to the head, the skull can be crushed into pieces if the riders are not wearing a helmet. Even minor injuries to the head or spine can contribute to chronic pain later. People can become mentally disabled for the remainder of their lives. 

    You may be entitled to recover compensation for a brain and spinal cord injury; however, it can be difficult if you were at fault for the accident. In such cases, appointing an injury attorney may be the best option you have. Sometimes, a severe head injury can make fighting these types of legal battles more difficult.

    • Hand and Leg Injuries: 

    Hand and leg injuries are commonly caused by motorcycle crashes. Our hands and legs are vital parts of our bodies. To ride a motorbike, we need a solid grip and balance. Balance is the key to riding any bicycle or motorcycle safely. A single wrong movement can cause imbalance and serious injury or death. 

    • Road Rash:

    Crashing onto the pavement or the roadway causes friction between our bodies and the surface. The greater the speed, the greater the chance of a collision. This type of injury can cause skin burns and significant damage and pain to large areas of the skin and flesh.

    Contact between our skin and the road can collect germs and bacteria that leads to dangerous infections. Without proper protective clothing and other equipment, these accidents can cause significant physical damage, regardless of who is at fault. Some people might require skin grafts to treat these injuries. 

    There are situations where road debris, glass, and other particles from the road get embedded into the flesh and skin. The removal process can be painful. It can be hard to explain the seriousness of a road rash injury to an insurance company and get an appropriate settlement. 

    What to know before seeking legal assistance

    Getting into an accident can contribute to soaring medical bills, hospitalization charges, and other accident-related expenses. People often believe that hiring an attorney will add to their financial burden, but that is not the case. 

    Many personal injury attorneys offer their services on a contingency fee basis, meaning they may not obtain compensation unless you obtain compensation. There are important things to understand about hiring a lawyer before you begin, such as:


    • Knowing Your Rights – Laws vary from state to state in personal injury cases. There are different laws for truck accidents, car crashes, motorcycle accidents, and other auto accidents. It is important to understand the basic laws and rules within the jurisdiction where you reside or where the accident occured.


    • Let Your Lawyer Take Care of the Legal Proceedings – Part of what you are paying for when you hire a lawyer is time. Lawyers are great at helping injured parties and their families deal with emotional trauma by handling complicated legal processes so that they do not have to. With knowledge and experience, a lawyer can help take the burden off of the victim and their family members. A lawyer will help you understand the intricacies of your case in simple terms and will fight for you to receive the compensation you are owed for your damages.


    • The Motivation That Matters – Sometimes, the injured party and their family lose motivation during the legal proceedings and choose to settle too early. This often results in financial hardship, as there will not be enough to cover the medical and other expenses caused by the accident. Attorneys can motivate you by building up your confidence to stick to your decision. They are also called counselors for a reason.


    • Quick Results – Some insurance companies may try to stretch out the length of a case. Delays and obfuscation result in tension, stress, and other negative emotions that create frustration and desperation among claimants, which is exactly what the insurance company wants. Desperation is bad for negotiation. An experienced attorney understands insurance companies and how they operate. A lawyer who is skilled in negotiation tactics can resolve your case in a quick and efficient manner that yields the best possible results.


    • Excellent Representation of the Case – Accident cases are largely dependent on the available evidence. Therefore, you can seek the help of highly experienced legal professionals who will review the facts and evidence and can obtain additional documentation to give you an upper hand in the case.


    • Assistance at Trial – Most accidents and injury cases are settled without going to court. If, however, parties are unable to reach an agreement on the amount of compensation that is owed or which parties are liable for the accident, you may be forced to submit the issue to a court of law for a decision. If your case goes to court, you will want an experienced attorney for your best chance at a successful outcome. 


    A Naples Personal Injury Attorney can assist you after an accident. You may lose valuable time if you try to do everything on your own. It is better to have a legal professional by your side to recover compensation for your injuries.


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    Mr. Berke is an experienced attorney based in Southwest Florida. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Degree from Indiana University in 1982 and his Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Florida in 1985. Since 1986, he has been running his own law firm, Berke Law Firm, P.A., exclusively representing injured individuals. He is admitted to practice in various courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States. Mr. Berke specializes in workers' compensation, social security disability, defective drug/device litigation, employment law, and overtime claims. He is actively involved in professional associations and community organizations, advocating for the rights of employees and claimants.

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