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Florida Lemon Law Attorney

How Florida Lemon Law Affects You

Products are unpredictable. One moment your car is working fine, the next moment it’s struggling. One second your appliances are functioning, then they go up in flames. Every day, millions of people deal with machine and vehicle issues. Every day, vehicles across the nation do not work as intended. The reasons for these issues are numerous.

Some vehicles require simple repairs. Other cars and trucks simply need to undergo routine maintenance. In certain cases, vehicles work improperly due to misuses or abuse. Car and truck accidents are also a major reason vehicles do not function correctly.

However, certain cases are different

Occasionally, your vehicle has recurring problems. These issues may range from big to small, and may last for a long time. Despite constant repairs, these issues may still persist. If you find that your vehicle is constantly malfunctioning or defective, you may have a special case.?

Fortunately, there are legal protections in these cases. Called “Lemon Laws,” these protections vary by state and cover all types of defective products.

Lemon laws may cover everything from vehicles to appliances, to even computers, phones and pets!

The best Lemon Law Lawyers will know these nuanced differences. Moreover, the top lemon law legal minds can help you quickly. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a malfunctioning product for a long time.

If your vehicle is not working properly, it will affect all aspects of your life. You may struggle to get to work. You may suffer with costly expenses. You may have to reschedule important meetings and appointments. You may even have to rely on public transportation while your vehicle is in the shop.

Don’t let this happen to you. Contact a legal expert and begin your claim. You deserve to get a product that works or your money back. You deserve a timely, fair and full resolution. Don’t spend months waiting for answers. Don’t waste time, money and effort.
Consult a lemon law expert you can trust.

Florida Lemon Law Attorney

Your Lemon Law Attorney Florida Representative

The first thing your Lemon Law legal representative can do is explain the process. Generally, lemon laws address three aspects of your problem vehicle. The first aspect is the precise condition or defect of the vehicle. The second aspect is the period of time the driver cannot use the vehicle due to the same vehicle repair(s). Finally, the third consideration under lemon laws is the amount of repairs, or repair attempts, made on the vehicle.

Lemon laws are imposed to help ensure that consumers can use their vehicles reliably. If the manufacturer cannot repair a vehicle defect within a reasonable time frame, the manufacturer must compensate the consumer. Of course, the extent of that compensation varies.

Some state statutes may require that the vehicle is a certain type. Some statutes require a certain weight or model. Other statutes may only address specific classes of defects and conditions. This is why it’s absolutely critical that a driver consults with a Florida Lemon Law Attorney.

Many people who experience defective vehicles may be unaware of specific statutes. It is also important that consumers understand the extent of manufacturer warranties. These warranties may require manufacturers to make free repairs, but that doesn’t mean the warranties cover other areas of concern.

Each state’s lemon laws will restrict the amount of time that manufacturers can spend on repairs and repair attempts. Moreover, state lemon laws will also address the details of buy-backs when vehicles are not repaired in reasonable time.

Each state’s lemon laws are different. This is why you need a sound attorney who fully understands your state’s lemon laws.

The Lemon Law Lawyers Florida Trusts
  • When you consult with a Florida professional of lemon laws, you will learn a number of things. Firstly, it is important that you understand how Florida’s lemon laws differ from the lemon laws of other states. In Florida, lemon laws cover conditions, defects and problems known as “nonconformities.”
  • Nonconformities generally impact the safety, usability and value of your vehicle. However, you must report these issues within a certain time frame. In Florida, the consumer must report nonconformities directly to the manufacturer, or an authorized service agent. This agent is typically the vehicle’s dealer.
  • You have 2 years, or 24 months, after you receive the vehicle to report to the manufacturer. Thus, your vehicle must either be a new vehicle or a demonstrator vehicle. A demonstrator vehicle, or “demo” vehicle, is often used for test drives and worker commutes by dealership employees.
  • Even though a demo car may have thousands of miles on the odometer, the car is still considered new. This is because it is not registered with the state.
  • Once you have reported your defective new or demo car to the manufacturer, your manufacturer will have a “reasonable number of attempts” to repair the issues.
  • If the defects are not repaired in that period of attempts, the manufacturer must repurchase the vehicle or provide a replacement vehicle. Lemon statutes do not cover any type of defects or damages connected to accidents, modifications or abuses caused by the consumer.

If you are wondering about the status of your vehicle, you should not delay. The longer you wait, the worse your chances of obtaining full and fair compensation become. If you are seeking competent help, look in your area or search online for “Lemon Law Attorney Near Me.”

Every state’s lemon statutes dictate that the manufacturer cover your lawyer fees. Your attorney will not take a percentage of your lemon law claim. Your lawyer will typically seek recovery of fees separate from your awarded amount.

When You Should Pursue A Lemon Claim

Again, your manufacturer has “a reasonable number of attempts” to fix your vehicle defects. If your manufacturer fails to correct your vehicle throughout this period, you should begin your claim. Under the Florida laws, your manufacturer must meet a specific set of criteria. If the manufacturer exceeds a given period, you have a viable claim.

Lemon Law Lawyers Florida

There are two main conditions under which you should pursue compensation.

(1) If you have taken your vehicle to the service agent on at least three occasions for the same issue, you have a case. At this point, you must deliver a written notification by mail to the manufacturer. The manufacturer is then granted a final opportunity to repair the vehicle.

The manufacturer is allotted 10 days to tell you where to take your vehicle for repairs. If your vehicle is not repaired within 10 days of delivery to the service agent, you may pursue your claim.

The second basis for a lemon law claim in Florida is the number of days your vehicle spends in repair.

(2) In some cases, your car or truck is in and out of repair for 15 or more cumulative days. These days do not have to be consecutive. After 15 or more cumulative days, you must again provide a written notification to your vehicle’s manufacturer by mail.

Once the manufacturer receives the notification, the manufacturer or an authorized service agent has at least one more opportunity to resolve the issue. If your vehicle is out of service for at least 30 days, you become eligible for a purchase price refund or replacement vehicle.

If you have any questions at all about this process, feel free to contact a top lawyer in your area. You may also search “Lemon Law Lawyers Near Me” online.

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