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    Burn injuries can leave you significantly disabled. You may not return to the activities or work you enjoyed before you were burned. This will make it difficult for you to take care of family members or yourself.

    Statistics show that on average, there are approximately 1.1 million burn injury victims in the United States every year that seek medical treatment for their burn injuries. There are about 10,000 estimated burn and fire-related deaths each year, including around 3,000 deaths due to residential fires.

    Thousands of people also die from other burn-related accidents caused by motor vehicle and aircraft accidents. These can also include electrical accidents, chemical burns, or accidents resulting from exposure or direct contact with hot liquids. The odds of someone in the United States dying from exposure to fire, flames or smoke is about 1 in 1,442.

    While not all burn injuries are severe, in case of a third-degree burn, you should immediately call 911. If you cannot determine the seriousness of a burn, you should seek immediate medical care.

    The time between when the burn occurs to when medical treatment begins is exceptionally crucial. Burns are not like other injuries. Severe burns can damage nerve endings and expose tissue to dangerous infection. When you suffer a severe burn injury due to another person or company’s negligence, you should contact a Florida burn accident lawyer. They have the knowledge and experience to handle burn accident claims.

    They understand the evidence necessary to demonstrate your burn injury and can take appropriate steps to document the extent of your damages. Lawyers will investigate your case thoroughly to identify the person liable for the costs related to your injuries and other damages. A legal professional can help seek maximum monetary compensation for such accidents.

    Forms, Degrees, and Causes of Burns

    Our extensive experience enables us to successfully represent our clientele in burn injury cases. Whether from an automobile accident, construction site accident, or residential accidents, our attorneys will thoroughly investigate the case and get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

    Our firm understands and defends the legal rights of our clients using our vast experience with burn injuries. An attorney will aggressively defend your rights. Millions of Americans suffer burn injuries each year, with thousands requiring hospitalization as a result of trauma from burn accidents. Wrongful Death Injury is also common in burn cases.

    If any of your loved ones lost their lives due to a burn injury, smoke inhalation, or other fire-related mishap caused by another, consult with an experienced attorney to discuss the details and your options.

    The Most Common Forms of Burns Are as Follows:

    • Thermal Burns: This type of burn is usually caused by making contact with a heated object. It can be boiling water, hot cooking oil, steam, fire, or other hot objects. Scalding from hot liquid is the most common type of thermal burn; however, fire can also result in thermal burns.
    • Radiation Burns: A person may suffer a radiation burn when they are exposed to excessive amounts of radiation. A radiation burn is caused by Ultraviolet rays like those emitted from the sun, X-rays, or radiation therapy to treat cancer.
    • Chemical Burns: This type of burn occurs when the body is exposed to caustic chemicals. Extraordinarily acidic or alkali chemicals usually inflict the most severe burns.
    • Electrical Burns: This type of burn occurs when the body comes into contact with electricity. It can be caused by direct contact with an exposed electrical wire or contact with a conductor such as water. Electrical burn injuries are often severe and can inflict life-threatening internal injuries.
    • Friction Burns: This type of burn occurs when the skin rubs against a hard surface. Friction burns, also known as abrasions, frequently occur as a result of traffic accidents. For example, motorcycle riders and their passengers who come in contact with the hard road surface often suffer these types of burns.


    Degree of Burn Injury

    There are three degrees of a burn injury. You can file injury claims for severe burn cases. Most burn injury claims are only filed for victims who receive 2nd and 3rd-degree burns.

    • First degree burn injuries are the least severe injuries. It usually results in irritated, red skin or some swelling at or around the burnt area. It is not serious enough to affect the second layer of the skin.
    • Second degree burn injuries often cause damage to the underlying layer of tissue on skin. These can cause severe blistering and scars. Blisters usually develop at and around the injury site, and the skin takes on an intensely reddened, splotchy appearance. Second-degree burns can result in severe swelling and intense pain.
    • Third-degree burn injuries destroy the skin exposed to the burn area and are usually treated with removing the damaged skin. Once removed, the damaged skin is replaced with skin grafted from other parts of the patient’s body, or donor tissue.

    Third degree burns are the most serious type of burn because they cause extensive destruction of the skin, nerves, and underlying tissue. People also face underlying derma, resulting in permanent tissue damage. In some cases, the fat, muscle, and bones of the victim are irreparably damaged.

    The burnt areas may be charred black or appear dry and white. If smoke inhalation accompanies the burn, the victim might also face difficulty inhaling and exhaling. They may also experience carbon monoxide poisoning. A Miami burn injury lawyer can assist you with your burn injury case. They will guide you through filing a claim, the legal process, and winning a fair settlement.

    After car accidents, burns are among the most commonly reported injuries in Miami, Florida. Burns can occur whenever you are exposed to caustic chemicals or extreme temperatures. Burn victims can often recover compensation for any burn injuries sustained, regardless of the source of the burn.

    A wide array of accidents can cause burn injuries. Before you take legal action, consider if your situation warrants it. Severe burn injuries occur because of another person’s negligence or misconduct. The reason can also include the negligence of a company, or the actions of a government entity. Some cases also occur due to a faulty product design or defective manufacturing.

    Consider Hiring a Miami Burn Injury Lawyer 

    A Miami burn injury lawyer can provide sound, competent guidance on your burn injury claim. They can help to seek monetary compensation for damage to the victim’s health, earning capacity, and the loss of well-being.

    In many cases, victims can expect to be reimbursed for medical bills, current and future lost wages, rehabilitation and prescriptions costs, pain and emotional suffering, and psychological trauma suffered as a consequence of burn injuries.

    Negligence is a breach of conduct that is established by law to protect others against unreasonable risks of harm due to failure to act with a requisite standard of care given the circumstances. Misconduct is unlawful conduct motivated by premeditated or intentional purposes or by obstinate indifference to the consequences of one’s acts.

    Burn injury attorneys can determine which legal theory applies and negotiate a settlement that fairly reimburses you for medical treatment and other related costs. They can calculate your overall current and future losses before beginning the process.

    If you believe that someone else’s negligence or misconduct caused your injuries, speak with an attorney to recover compensation. It is suggested not to delay in discussing your concerns with an attorney. You should also be aware of the statutes of limitation. It is all about deadlines set by law that prescribe how long you have after the unfortunate accident to file a lawsuit.

    In Florida, it is four years. A legal professional best determines whether your situation warrants a lawsuit or not. However, if you delay past the statute of limitations, you might not be eligible to file a claim.

    Get Legal Help From Experienced Burn Injury Attorneys in Miami

    If you or a loved one has suffered from a severe burn injury in Florida, please contact the Berke Law Firm P.A. immediately for a free consultation. We are a burn injury law firm that can aggressively defend your rights. With us, you can recover compensation for your burn injuries.

    Severe burns can leave a person with devastating, life-changing injuries. A victim usually faces months in a hospital, and even after discharge, they need a long period of physical rehabilitation. Our Miami personal injury lawyers are always available to help you navigate through the complex and painful times of your lives.

    Our legal team is well trained to handle all types of complex legal claims. You can focus on recovering from your burn injury while letting us handle your case. We are always here to ensure that you get the money you need and deserve.


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