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    How to Apply for Disability in Miami Florida

    Nobody wants to become disabled, but it unfortunately occurs more frequently than people realize. Disability can happen to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Disability can affect entire families, negatively affecting the lives of the disabled individual’s spouse and children alike.

    This is why it is so important for disabled individuals to seek help. When you or somebody you know is disabled, time may be running out. Disabled individuals should not wait and continue to struggle without the assistance they deserve. People with disabilities should seek help as soon as possible. Consult an 35+ year experienced Miami injury Lawyer.


    One way that disabled people can get help is by applying for SSI/SSDI benefits, also known as Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Disability benefits are monthly payments that can assist individuals and families in need. While these benefits provide great assistance, not all disabled individuals can receive them. A disability legal professional may help you get Social Security disability benefits in Miami Florida, deftly guiding you through the process so you do not face unnecessary denials.

    • First, you need to prove that you are disabled. Although you may have daily difficulties, you need to be able to show that these difficulties affect your ability to earn a living. In other words, you need to present critical documentation and information to prove it.
    • Second, you need to have trouble performing your job. When you claim disability but can still work a full-time job, you will not receive benefits.
    • Third, you need to prove that your disability is lasting. If your disability is expected to improve within a short time frame, it is not a long-term disability.

    If you think that you may be eligible for benefits, you can seek them through the Social Security Administration (SSA). You can either apply online at the SSA website or at a local Social Security Office. Before showing up to the SSA, you should schedule an appointment by phone.


    Things to Remember When Applying for SSD Benefits in Miami

    The SSA is a federal government agency that administers disability benefits to millions of recipients across the country.

    • Social Security is a system that pays monthly checks to individuals who are proven to have a total disability.
    • However, this definition of disability is based on a strict set of criteria established by the SSA. The SSA requires that Social Security applicants meet a variety of requirements to qualify. Simply being disabled is not enough. Short-term disabilities do not necessarily qualify.
    • In the event that you do not qualify for disability benefits, you may also be eligible to receive health care benefits through Medicare. Disability benefits applicants will have to wait 29 months after approval to start receiving Medicare.
    • When initially applying for Social Security disability benefits, you have two options. The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program and the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program both deliver different benefits and have separate qualifying criteria.
    • You should consult a disability attorney Miami trusts to determine which program is right for you. In some cases, disabled applicants may qualify for both. Regardless of the program under which you apply for benefits, you need to be prepared. You should thoroughly understand the SSA’s definition of disability.

    Your disability lawyer can deal with insurance companies and further help you prove your disabling condition.

    Requirements for Disability Under SSI and SSDI

    • The SSA will carefully examine your application. People who do not provide ample medical and vocational information will likely face denials. When applying for benefits, you should thoroughly explain your disabling condition.
    • The SSA provides benefits to people who have disabilities that are severe and lasting. These disabilities should have a significant effect on your life. As a result, you must have a minimal work capacity.
    • Your condition must also be medically determinable. In other words, the condition must be supported by the medical community. The condition must either be physical or mental, resulting from “anatomical, physiological, or psychological abnormalities.”

    The SSA defines disability as a medically determinable condition if it:

    • Can be expected to lead to death in 12 months, or
    • Has lasted or is expected to last for 12 months continuously, and
    • Prevents you from engaging in substantial gainful activity (SGA)

    In general, qualifying for Social Security disability is often easier said than done. Even if your medical condition prevents you from engaging in work, you must prove it. You must also prove that you cannot engage in other forms of work. The SSA requires substantial medical documentation and information. The legal professionals you hire can help you obtain this information.

    Finding Reputable Social Security Attorneys in Miami Florida

    When preparing to apply for disability benefits, you must be sure to follow several important steps. The first step is to find a law firm you can trust, with experienced legal professionals who focus on Social Security law. Many of these top lawyers have even worked inside the SSA.

    • It is easy to get lost when searching for sound legal counsel. You should begin by asking for recommendations from friends and family. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a good lawyer.
    • You can also research online. Many law firm websites will offer in-depth information concerning their lawyers’ knowledge and experience. You want a disability attorney who has won client benefits across many different types of claims and cases.
    • Before calling your local Social Security office phone number, you should contact a lawyer.
    • Once you have narrowed down your list of prospective disability attorneys, it is time to act. Call the law offices to set up consultations.
    • Successful Miami Social Security disability lawyers should always be attentive and honest.
    • Experienced lawyers will understand all aspects of the complicated Social Security laws. Most of them will provide a free initial consultation. Once you have received this consultation, your lawyer can help you prepare you to file an application with the SSA.

    However, before you set foot in your local SSA office, you need to be prepared with several things. You should be equipped with all the necessary information, including paperwork from your employer, documentation from medical professionals and facilities, and information about your work history and family details.

    You need proof of identity and your Social Security Number, as well. Throughout the entire claim process, you need to prove to the Social Security Administration that you are qualified to receive benefits because of your disability. The SSA does not simply give away free money. Anybody can claim disability, but only those who can adequately prove their qualifications will receive benefits. Apply with the help of a Social Security attorney in your area. The SSA will look carefully at your application and consider:

    • Your work experience
    • Your age
    • Your medical diagnosis
    • Your current and previous medications
    • Your current and previous medical treatments
    • The cause of your disabling condition

    The SSA will also consider other factors and extenuating circumstances. You will likely have to prove your inability to perform any type of substantial work. You must also show that you do not have transferable skills.

    The legal professional may advise that you receive additional medical testing to prove the extent of your disability. A legal representative can help you include these reports and test results in your thorough application.

    What a Reputable Miami Social Security Lawyer Can Do for You

    • The majority of Social Security claimants have their initial applications denied. In fact, research indicates that applicants without legal representation are significantly more likely to be denied than applicants with legal representation.
    • If you need to appeal an unfavorable decision, you have options.
    • Your attorney can even represent you in a hearing before an administrative law judge. In this scenario, the judge and a Miami Social Security disability lawyer may question expert witnesses. You are also permitted to introduce new information to support your claim. Your lawyer can make the appeal process easier.
    • The judge will be somebody who had no part in your original decision. The hearing will typically occur within 75 miles of your home.

    The Social Security Administration turns down most initial claims. Even severely disabled applicants get denied. The SSA may even use these delays and denials to discourage Social Security fraud.

    In the state of Florida, approximately 33.6% of initial disability claims are approved. That means that 66.4% of applications are denied. Moreover, only 15% of reconsiderations are granted.

    Contact a disability attorney at Berke Law Firm, P.A., to discuss all of your concerns. We can provide comprehensive legal help as you seek the SSDI/SSI benefits you deserve.


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