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    Motorcycle accident lawsuits- Get maximum compensation for your loss!

    Are you aware that motorcyclists are almost 28 times more likely to get severely injured than those who travel in cars? Devastating injuries caused by motorcycle accidents lead to disability and even death. The victim and their family members have to face many unexpected troubles. This can come at a cost when taking into consideration such things as treatment, lost wages, vehicle damage, etc.

    • In situations like these, you must file a claim for the monetary compensation. All possible economic losses, pain, and suffering, along with other kinds of damage, will be covered in a potential motorcycle injury claim.
    • If you or any of your loved ones have been injured in a motorcycle accident, then dealing with insurance companies can become daunting. Motorcycle accident verdicts and settlements differ for all applicants because it depends on different facts of the accident. Unique facts of the case are well understood by legal professionals.
    • Talk to an experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney Cape Coral who can evaluate your case and get the compensation you deserve. At Berke Law Firm, we have experienced attorneys who can diligently handle many types of motorcycle accidents.

    We know that the cost of treatment and other losses associated with the accident can be almost double for a motorcycle accident victim. This is why we take the appropriate legal steps to lessen the burden to our clients.


    Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accident

    If you or somebody you know has suffered a motorcycle accident, this is what it may feel like. You are seriously hurt, and now are dealing with overwhelming pain and stress related to your injuries and life situation. You wonder if things will ever look the same as you look at the daunting road ahead.

    Regardless of the type of accident; if you faced an injury due to someone else’s mistake, you must file a claim. Take a look at some common causes of motorcycle accidents for which people seek compensation.

    • Motorcycle running off the road
    • Motorcycle rear-end accidents
    • Sideswipe collisions
    • The motorcycle being rear-ended by another vehicle.
    • Motorcycle felled on the roadway.
    • Wrong turn made by a vehicle coming from the wrong direction.
    • Drivers making turns or U-turns in front of victims’ motorcycle.

    As a motorcyclist, being more unprotected than in a vehicle leads to a greater likelihood of injury. Whatever may be the cause behind a car crash, the human and financial toll of a motorcycle crash can be beyond what one can imagine.

    How are Motorcycle Accident Cases Analyzed?

    The difficulty in seeing a speeding motorcycle in the midst of traffic make motorcyclists more prone to accidents. Many people are found to be less attentive to motorcyclists on the road, which causes a greater number of motorcycle accidents. In the courtroom, the jury analyzes every aspect of the case to see the extent of loss, and other facts involved in a motorcycle accident.

    • The attorneys at Berke Law Firm can represent your case aggressively in front of the jury to help you get what you deserve.
    • We have helped many people in getting compensation from the responsible person or authority outside of the courtroom as well. The settlement outside the courtroom is not a lengthy process because both parties can satisfy their needs in the presence of lawyers. However, if both parties do not agree, we are efficient in aggressively representing your case.
    • The law doesn’t differentiate between two different types of motorcycle accidents. If the victim can prove the other party’s fault for their misfortune, the monetary compensation can be pursued. If you talk to an insurance company without a legal professional by your side, they may try to differentiate between a newer and experienced driver.
    • So, if you are a new driver and have been in an accident, you will be treated differently from that of experienced drivers. Therefore, it is always preferred to have an experienced motorcycle accident attorney by your side.

    Essentials of a Motorcycle Accident Claim

    If your physical pain, mental stress, or any other kind of injuries are severe, taking legal action to get compensation can bring you some relief. An experienced legal team will take appropriate steps to evaluate, analyze, inspect, and validate your claim. They will stand up to the insurance company and investigate the entire motorcycle accident.

    Common injuries in motorcycle accidents can include: 

    • Blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen
    • Brain injuries
    • Spinal injuries and paralysis
    • Traumatic limb amputations
    • Broken bones
    • Road rash
    • Burns

    Certain factors that the legal team will look for when evaluating a motorcycle crash are:

    • Acceleration
    • Deceleration
    • Skidding distance
    • How the bike fell or laid down
    • Stopping distance, and many other factors.

    The above points will help lawyers to have a deeper insight into your accident case. As mentioned earlier, to obtain sufficient claim, it is vital to have an attorney by your side that has in-depth knowledge about analyzing the factors.

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    Filing Motorcycle Accident Claim with Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Cape Coral

    Our skilled law firm serves all types of motorcycle accident victims, from those with acute injuries to those with lesser but permanent injuries. Our legal team makes sure that, every stone is turned, every legal latitude is explored, and not a detail goes ignored. This is why we have such an excellent reputation.

    This is why our clients laud our services. It’s a simple equation in a complex system. We do what has worked in the past, putting each client’s particular case details to work. No two cases are created equally; no two claims are the same.

    If you want to get your life back and on a path to healing, contact us today. We will work with you to put together the best possible strategy for your individual case. Our trial lawyers are ready to help at the drop of a hat. Simply contact Berke Law Firm, P.A., and get the ball rolling.


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