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Naples Car Accident Attorney

If you have injured in a car accident in Naples, contact Naples Car Accident Attorney at Berke Law Firm, P.A. FREE Consultation.

Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death in the US. On average there are 6 million car accidents in the US each year and in 2018 there were 36,560 fatalities. In 2015, over 2.5 million drivers and passengers were seen in emergency rooms as a result of accidents.

The impact of car accidents reaches beyond the costs of medical care and includes the loss of productivity for those who are injured, the damages to vehicles and property, etc. It is estimated that the overall economic costs associated with car accidents in the US is approximately $277 billion each year.

Car accidents are not planned, they happen when you least expect it. One moment you are enjoying your day, caught in your own thoughts, or enjoying a conversation. Then all of a sudden, everything changes. You feel the impact and suddenly you are no longer in control of what is happening. Whatever you were thinking or talking about is forgotten

Following the accident, after you are treated and finally able to function in a semi-normal fashion, the questions begin. Will your life ever be the same? How will you be able to pay all of the expenses? When can you return to work and provide for yourself and your loved ones?

Having a Car Accident Attorney in Naples by your side during this tough time will help. An attorney can assist you in managing the expenses for treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering due to an accident.

Naples Car Accident Attorney

Common types of injuries in a car accident- 

  • Head Injuries- These are serious injuries that can impact the life of the victim to a great extent. The drivers and any other passengers can also get injured when two cars collide at high speeds or when a vehicle is hit by another vehicle that is speeding. People get hurt when their head hits the windows, steering wheel, or dashboard. This can cause head and back injuries. Any type of brain injury that occurs as a result of a head trauma can cause unpredictable effects on the victim.
  • Back Injuries– Even the slightest damage to the spinal cord can cause vital nerve damage, and this can impact a person for life. An individual with a spinal cord injury can feel reduced sensation in various parts of their body such as arms, hands, feet, legs, etc. If the damage is serious, it can leave the person paralyzed. Some may suffer from a herniated disc which can cause the patient to experience pain, tingling sensations, numbness, muscle weakness, etc.
  • Neck and Chest Injuries– Injuries of the neck and chest commonly occur following a rear-end collision. The sudden movement can result in damage to muscles and ligaments. In some cases, the accident victim may even face temporary ‘vocal cord paralysis’ after a car accident.

Oftentimes, the chest of the driver can hit the steering wheel, and this can cause serious trauma. Broken ribs, collapsed lungs, heart problems, and other chest related issues may arise. There is also a risk of internal bleeding. If involved in an accident, you must seek medical help immediately following.

An examination by a healthcare professional is essential to determine if there are any bodily injuries are not visible. They may perform a scan to look for internal bleeding, or damage to the abdomen and pelvis. All these issues require immediate medical attention, to ensure that serious injuries are not left unnoticed thereby jeopardizing the life of the victim.

Not only drivers get injured. Passengers sitting anywhere inside the vehicle as well as pedestrians can also suffer injuries. Every person who is injured in a car accident, without any fault, can qualify to get compensation.

Emotional distress is a common issue for car accident victims. If any person experiences emotional distress due to a car accident, they should get themselves checked by an expert for post-traumatic stress disorder. Proper counseling and treatment can help in overcoming the psychological aftereffects of a car accident.

Injured in a Car Accident? Get Legal Help Immediately!

At Berke Law Firm, P.A., we have the answers you seek. And we have the professionals who can provide them. There are several Car Accident Naples FL who may rush to help you but not all of them can offer you the experience and professional services you need. Sadly, many attorneys will pursue victims of accidents looking for new clients. It is important that you take the time to choose the best possible help for your situation.

You want a top Naples Car Accident Attorney who specializes in auto accident law. You want the best because they can do what others cannot. At Berke Law Firm, P.A., you get just that. We are compassionate, talented, and we fight hard to get you the best compensation package possible for your injuries.

We start with an in-depth consultation. We proceed with relevant evidence gathering, testimonies, and supplementary information. We conclude by creating a compelling claim that communicates the full validity and reliability of your case as it applies to the law.

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