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    Thousands of road accidents happen every year, but not all get reported. Some people escape any kind of injury and damages, while some bear hefty losses or injuries that can take months or years to recover from. 

    Data from the Insurance Information Institute shows that around 36,096 deaths were reported due to road accidents between the years 2010 to 2019 in the United States.

    The data also shows that 843 bicycle riders and 5,014 motorcyclists died in automobile accidents in 2019. People who ride motorcycles and bicycles are more prone to severe injuries because they are exposed to the outer environment, are smaller, and are less visible than cars, buses, and other large vehicles.

    To handle the situation in a safe way, you can seek assistance from a Fort Myers Auto Accident Lawyer. They can assist you with all your legal needs while fighting for the compensation you are owed for your injuries and damages.

    Details about bicycle and motorcycle accidents

    Bicycle Accidents – Thousands of cyclists get injured or killed in motor vehicle collisions every year. If you were riding a bicycle and have been hit by a car or a bike, you may be entitled to receive compensation for expenses you have incurred or will incur because of the accident. 

    Many times, bicyclists are unable to be seen in rear window blind spots of larger vehicles like buses, trucks, etc. Bicycles can also be hit when other vehicles on the road collide. 

    Even the slightest force of a vehicle can cause a bicyclist a great deal of trouble. Because they are lightweight, the rider can be pushed further and be injured.

    You could receive compensation for your injuries, property damage, current and future loss of income, and other damages. You will have to show enough evidence to prove that the injuries have been caused by the accident. 

    Motorcycle Crashes – There are several reasons for the frequency of motorcycle accidents. One explanation is that motorcycles cannot offer the same sort of enclosed shield from the external environment that a car can. Moreover, these motorcycles are frequently high performance and can achieve terrific speeds. Riders travel much faster and the vehicles use a great deal more power than many cars that share the road.

     Visual recognition is another factor. Motorcyclists make considerably smaller visual targets. Frequently other cars and objects on the highway, the highway itself, climate and weather, and other conditions can obscure them. Intersections are hazardous as there are a greater number of opportunities to be lost in blind spots. 

    Motorcycle and bicycle riders are more prone to road hazards than riders who are safely enclosed in cars. There simply is not enough security and protection surrounding these vehicles. 

    Oil slicks, potholes, road debris, ruts, puddles, railroad tracks, and uneven pavement are common obstacles for cars to navigate easily; however, they can pose extreme dangers for motorcycles.

    What should you do in these scenarios?

    If you have been involved in a bike accident, there are a few things you can do to increase the success of your bicycle accident compensation claim: 

    • Wait for the police to reach the scene

    You should avoid getting in any conversation with the at-fault driver. You should even avoid negotiating with them. Instead, wait at the accident scene until the police arrive at the location. 

    Even if you think your injuries are minor, you should avoid engaging in direct communication with the driver. Many drivers try to apologize and negotiate. This could affect your case and claim. Therefore, you must wait until the police reach the accident scene. 

    • Note down everything in the accident report

    The police will then record your statement. Make sure that you report any minor injuries on the report. Missing a small detail could lead to serious consequences later. 

    Sometimes minor injuries can also become more serious later. Therefore, you must get all the facts reported. You must also note down everything so that you do not forget details later. 

    • Obtain driver and eyewitness contact details

    Make sure to note down the contact and insurance information of the driver and any eyewitnesses. Write down their name, contact number, and address. Also, note plate number and vehicle license number. 

    Do not assume that the police report will include all of this information. You must take care and pay extra attention to recording these details.

    Eyewitnesses play a crucial role and can affect your compensation claim. Therefore, you should communicate with them. You can use their statements as evidence in court or for the insurance claim. 

    • Preserve your evidence

    If your bike was damaged, you should keep it preserved in its damaged state. You can also keep your torn clothes as evidence to be used later. You should take photos of everything and avoid washing your clothes. You should take several photos of your injuries, damaged bike, and the scene. Take pictures from different angles and use them as evidence later. 

    • Document everything

    If possible, you should document everything. Note down the details of the injuries and everything that happened. This will help you remember even the small details later. Sometimes just the act of writing things down is enough to jog your memory at a later date. Make notes about what happened, how it happened, and when it occurred. You can later share these details with legal professionals to help you proceed with the compensation claim.

    • Seek advice from a legal professional 

    Accidents involving cars and bikes often involve legal issues. Therefore, it is advised that you seek advice from a legal professional. You should consider hiring a legal professional from a reputable law firm. Ensure that he or she is experienced in bicycle injury claims and can help you obtain a fair and accurate settlement. 

    Essential Facts that every person on the road should know

    People who have faced road accidents can suffer physically, emotionally, and monetarily. It can cause costly medical bills, lost working hours, and immense pain and distress. 

    In addition, the driver who is at fault should be responsible for reimbursing the expenses caused by their negligence or wrongdoing. An attorney can help you take on the guilty driver and the insurance company. They can help them get the monetary compensation they deserve. 


    • He will represent the driver who is at fault – When there is a dispute over the person who caused the accident, people should presume that he represents the other driver. Why? The other driver will need legal representation to build their case and to defend themselves. This is true even when people are confident that the accident was clear-cut with a distinct guilty party and victim. Even in such cases, the other party will likely discuss negotiations to minimize their monetary liability. 


    • The insurance company has a legal team by their side – People are advised against taking on an insurance firm by themselves. It is something that is highly recommended against. Insurance firms are multibillion-dollar organizations. They boast of a number of the most accomplished, experienced legal teams in all global business. People with professional legal help have a realistic chance of getting the proper amount of compensation for their injuries and losses. They require a legal professional who is not apprehensive and will fight the insurance firm’s legal representatives.


    • A great deal of money is at risk – People in Florida may be entitled to recover generous amounts of compensation for their motorcycle accident injuries. The legal professionals have experience in recovering settlement amounts up to millions. Florida is a state that does not impose any caps on compensatory damages. 


    Thus, they are free to pursue what they believe is a fair price for compensating people’s pain and suffering. They are not limited to a random or (arguably) arbitrary value that the state affixes to different types of claims. 

    People whose lawyers fail to present a convincing claim are likely to recover less than their fair share of compensation.

    Estimating the proper settlement amount for a motorcycle accident is complicated. The compensation is wholly based on the particulars of an accident, such as the severity of injuries to a driver, medicinal bills, and the monetary losses a driver incurs. 

    Let a Fort Myers Personal Injury Lawyer handle the communication with insurance companies and other lawyers. They will negotiate with the insurance agency and help you get appropriate compensation for your injuries.

    However, anything you do or say to the driver or the insurance agent could be used against you later. Let a knowledgeable attorney take care of the legal issues so you can focus on recovery and healing.


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