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Truck Accident Lawyer Lee County

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Truck Accident Claims Differ from Other Motor Vehicle Cases

Almost half a million truck and semi-truck accidents happen in the United States every year. One out of eight truck accident victims results in a fatality. It is important to know that a truck accident is not at all like a car accident or any other type of motor vehicle accident. Recovering damages in a truck accident can be a daunting task.

The best way to recover compensation for your injuries lost wages, vehicle damage, pain, and sufferings are to hire an experienced Truck Accident Lawyer Lee County. An Experienced Truck Accident Attorney Lee County and surrounding area will be in a unique position to help you since they are knowledgeable of the roadways. They have driven the roads themselves, they have seen the traffic, and they totally understand how accidents can pop up out of nowhere. They are familiar with all of the emotional, physical, and financial issues that follow an accident. So, when it tragically happens in your life, they are there and ready to assist you.

Truck Accident Attorney Lee County

Truck accidents can occur due to many reasons. Here are some of them;
  • Speeding and/or passing another vehicle.
  • Distracted/ negligent driving.
  • Driver fatigue.
  • Improper cargo loading
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  • Poor training and maintenance.
Who can be Liable in a Truck Accident Case?

To identify who is responsible for causing the damage in the truck accident is a critical matter. Only a few professionals are qualified to determine who is at fault. To file and win a claim, it is mandatory to be able to prove that the truck driver or other person/authority was negligent. Trucking companies are usually held liable for the accident as their employees are expected to drive carefully.

Many times, the trucking companies refuse to give compensation, saying the employee was an independent contractor. In this case, you will need a legal expert who knows how to defend and get you the compensation you deserve for the loss in a truck accident.

Very few people know that, if a truck company is paying the driver’s employment taxes like Medicare, federal unemployment taxes, or social security, then the trucker is considered an employee. Your truck accident settlement amount will depend on many factors.

Trucks are much heavier than cars, and so truck accidents cause more destruction than car accidents. They are more likely to cause death or disability to those involved in the accident. A semi-truck or a “big rig” tractor trainer weighs at least 30,000 pounds. By this figure, you can very well imagine the extent of damage it can cause to the victim and the surroundings.

Lee County Truck Accident Lawyer

The settlement amount for truck accidents depends on various factors. Here are some of them;
  • Medical expenses- As we have already discussed, severe injuries can occur in a truck accident, resulting in the victim having to undergo a lot of treatment. This can go on longer than initial expectations. The higher the medical bills; the greater the chances of increasing the settlement amount accordingly.
  • Property damage/ vehicle damage- The catastrophic damage that 18-wheelers cause is beyond our control. The cost of vehicle repair and other property damages can be huge. The cost of repairs must be evaluated properly before the amount of the claim can be determined.
  • Lost income- Due to injuries, the victim may not be able to work for a period of time. Your attorney will calculate the lost income and include it in the settlement amount.
  • Pain and suffering- This is also known as “non-economic” damage. Understanding the extent of emotional distress, psychological issues, pain, and suffering is not something that every attorney is experience in. We have specialized Truck Accident Attorney Lee County, who knows how to analyze the sufferings of the truck accident victim, and their family members.
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For us, your monetary settlement is most important. It is about getting back an essential piece of your life, getting the justice you so rightly deserve. At Berke Law Firm, P.A., all we want is to make you feel better. To put you in a position to be able to move forward and get on with your life is our ultimate goal.

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