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    The brain is one of the most vital organs of our body, and overall health and well-being depends on its proper functioning. When a person’s brain is damaged, the person’s life may become unmanageable, even if all other organs are working fine. Brain damage directly impacts thinking and working capabilities. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of early signs of brain damage. Early diagnosis and treatment can save someone’s life. 

    According to the CDC, almost 1.5 million people in the United States experience severe or traumatic brain injuries every year. There can be many causes behind brain damage, but the most common are sports injuries, auto accidents, and workplace incidents. In many cases, injuries do not show symptoms for several days or months. 

    Regardless of your symptoms, you should seek medical treatment if you have experienced a head injury in an accident of any kind. Otherwise, failure to identify a traumatic injury early can result in long term or irreversible brain damage. If the injury was caused by somebody else’s negligence, you can discuss details with a Miami Brain Injury Lawyer.

    The signs of brain injury damage are categorized into four types:

    • Cognitive – Memory loss, difficulty in expressing or understanding thoughts, reduced concentration, attention, decreased decision-making capability, inability to understand abstract topics, etc.
    • Perceptual – Reduced tolerance to pain, inability to sense time, vision loss, hearing or sense of touch issues, spatial disorientation, losing a sense of smell and taste, balance issues, etc.
    • Physical – persistent headaches and muscle weakness, mental fatigue, slurred speech, tremors, sensitivity to light, insomnia, loss of consciousness, paralysis, etc.
    • Behavioural /emotional – includes increased aggression, impatience, irritability, sluggishness, less stress tolerance, and other similar issues.

    Brain damage can occur due to stroke, head trauma, or lack of oxygen. Many people, especially those who engage in contact sports, have faced this issue in the past. With prompt action, many are able to receive life-saving treatment. Some, however, delay treatment until irreversible brain damage sets in.

    Injuries can even result in death. Loss of consciousness can also occur for some time. It can be for a fraction of seconds, for minutes, or for longer durations. Lack of oxygen supply to the brain is also a common reason for loss of consciousness. This condition is also known as anoxia or hypoxia, and it happens due to heatstroke, suffocation, drowning, and choking. 

     Regardless of the reasons for the injury, the first step should be immediate treatment and medication. The person should seek emergency medical care. If not, damage to the brain cells can worsen and it can become difficult, if not impossible, to treat. Failure to treat brain injury can result in some of the following consequences:

    •  A constant state of confusion where a person responds to something slower than usual and remains confused most of the time. They often seem disoriented and demonstrate erratic behavior frequently. People may start facing difficulty with identifying their names and other personal details.
    • Unusually dilated eyes – you should check a patient’s eyes using a flashlight. In this way, you can quickly identify if his eyes are dilating unusually or unevenly. Pupil dilation indicates severe brain damage or shock. This condition requires immediate medical attention.
    • Mood or personality disorders – The person who faces brain injury may also show mood swings, anxiety, depression, and other mood or personality disorders. This could indicate a condition called a hematoma.

    Lack of balance, coordination, organized thoughts, and other disorders like constant nausea are significant issues. The signs and symptoms of brain damage depend on the severity of the injury, the part of the brain that has been damaged, the person’s overall health, and other factors. If left unattended or untreated, it can cause paralysis, blindness, or worse, death.

    Therefore, doctors often advise closely monitoring symptoms after a head injury. If there is any question as to the health of the victim, they should seek medical assistance immediately. If the victim is in a fragile state of mind then it could also be essential to keep them safe from other injuries.

    You can prevent brain injuries by being more attentive

    There are many things that you can keep in mind to prevent brain damage. For example, never shake a baby or a child rigorously and make sure they are always strapped into an appropriately sized car seat. Child brains are very delicate.

    There is a greater chance of the child experiencing brain damage while their brains are still developing. You can also wear helmets while riding a motorcycle, all terrain vehicle, or even a non-motorized bicycle. Those who engage in contact sports should also wear helmets while on the field.

    Have your children wear shock-absorbing materials, like helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads, when involved in play that could result in serious injury. Do not consume illegal drugs or drink while driving and avoid engaging in dangerous activities around heights or else you could risk your life.

    Know the common reasons that cause brain injuries.

    • Sudden blows to the head
    • Car accidents
    • Falls or accidents
    • Physical Violence
    • Sports injuries
    • Infection
    • Exposure to toxic substances
    • Tumors
    • Drowning
    • Aneurysms
    • Strangulation

    Only healthcare professionals can identify the extent of damage due to a brain injury. So, be it a mild or severe brain injury, seeking emergency medical help is the key and should not be ignored. Failure to seek timely treatment can cost the life of the injured person. You should keep medical documents and other details of the brain injury so that if you decide to file a claim, you can use them to strengthen your case. 

    Consider talking to an experienced Miami Personal Injury Lawyer who can investigate your case and tell you the best legal options available. Knowledgeable attorneys are available to help you through the legal process and get you the compensation you deserve for your brain injury.


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