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    People don’t often like to admit it, but personal injury from animal attacks happens more often. Usually, when a dog bite happens, the pet owners are the ones who are held liable. 

    However, various other parties are also included for accountability when the animal attack happens. 

    If such a situation arises, a dog bite lawyer can help you get justice and compensation by identifying the responsible party. 

    If you or someone you know is injured from an animal bite, learn how to hold the owner accountable.

    Who is held liable when an animal attacks?

    According to Wilderness and Environmental Medicine Journal reports, about 1-2 million animal bites happen annually within the U.S. alone. 

    These bites become severe, resulting in millions of dollars in expenses that you spend on treating animal attack injuries. 

    When an animal attacks someone, the following parties can be held responsible – 

    • Property owners where animals attack. 
    • Animal’s owners
    • Property landlords. 
    • Animal keepers at Zoo or shelters

    Animal attacks are not limited to dog bites. Many wild animals usually attack in a situation when they feel threatened. 

    When an animal attack happens, it is essential to identify the person responsible for the incident. 

    It all happens due to negligence – often used as a legal term in place of carelessness. 

    If someone’s negligence results in attacking, they are held responsible. 

    How does negligence lead to an animal attack?

    It depends on the attacking details. Here are some common examples – 

    Wild Animal attack on private property

    Legal actions will be taken against property owners when an animal attacks their property. 

    Property owners are responsible and have a legal duty to keep visitors safe. The owners will be held responsible if they know about the wild animals. 

    If the property is unsafe for visitors, the owners should not allow people to enter the property. 

    However, the property owner will be held liable if the injury or death happens inside the property.

    Wild animal attacks on public property

    Sometimes, a local or state government are held liable for an animal attack. The law does not include the government entities for the liability. However, if the injured party proves that – 

    • The government should have taken steps to prevent the animal attacks. 
    • They have not warned the visitors about wild animals. 

    You can even talk to a dog bite lawyer if animals attack you on public property. A personal injury lawyer can help examine the situation and determine the options. 

    They will also look into the laws for your area to see if they can make any case. 

    How can you prove your animal attack to others?

    You don’t have to pay for the cost of bite injuries that are not your fault. It would help if you get compensation for the following – 

    • Your medical bills
    • Prescribed medicines. 
    • Hospital costs. 
    • Lost wages. 
    • Mental trauma
    • Pain and suffering. 
    • Loss of earning capability

    You will need to know the complete value for any damages done. 

    If possible, you can wait till you are done with all of your medical bills. Your attorney can help you make an estimate regarding the total cost involved. 

    You need to file a claim against any at-fault party. Before doing anything or taking any further steps, here are some steps you need to take – 

    Get Medical Attention Immediately

    Injuries from an animal attack can become severe. If you are not treated immediately, it can lead to infections and even severe issues. 

    Wild animal bites are even dangerous. These can possibly expose you to rabies. 

    Whether it is a wild animal or a pet, you need emergency medical attention immediately. You need to call someone urgently who can take you to the hospital or dispensary. 

    Even if your injuries are not life-threatening, it is advisable to see a doctor.

    Identify the animal

    Look for the animals that attacked you. If it’s a dog, you need to find the owner. 

    If the owner is present, you can ask them for the dog’s vaccination records. 

    You can also ask around the neighbors if the dog has bitten anyone before. 

    In case a wild animal attacks you, check if the property owner lives nearby. Ask the witnesses if they know anyone who owns the property. 

    If possible, you can even take a picture of the animal. However, do it at your risk if it is possible for you. 

    Take Photos

    You can use your phone or camera to take photos of – 

    • The animal that attacked you. 
    • Your injuries or bite marks. 
    • The property where the attack happened. 
    • Anything else that can help with the case. 

    Picture evidence can capture the scene, making it beneficial for your case. 

    Get legal help

    Contact Berke Law Firm experts to get help from your dog bite lawyer in Miami. We have the 35+ year experience to deal with these cases. 

    Let us help you gather information and create a strong case to hold the responsible party accountable for the incident. 

    We can help you protect your legal rights while communicating on your behalf with the party at fault.


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