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Veterans Benefits

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Veterans are persons who once served in the armed forces but now no longer serve. Across the country, many veterans are now living normal lives. However, not all lives return to normal. After the struggles of battle and war, numerous veterans suffer. Trauma and disability are all too common.

Fortunately, veterans have hope. Veterans who have served in the United States of America armed forces can receive help. Congress passed an important law that provides both disability and medical benefits. These benefits assist countless veterans in achieving healthy, happy lives.

Without the aid of these benefits, many veterans would never be the same. Without the help of an Attorney for VA Disability Claim, many veterans would never receive these benefits in the first place.

However, not all injured veterans receive benefits. This happens for a number of reasons. Nonetheless, veterans who think they may qualify should take action. Some veterans may elect to search online for assistance. A service member can search for “Veterans Disability Lawyers near me.”

  • The best disability attorneys will represent you fully in challenging the VA.
  • The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is directly responsible for providing veterans’ benefits. This agency functions at the federal Cabinet-level and administers widespread healthcare services for eligible military veterans.
  • If you or someone you know has suffered as a result of active duty, it’s time to act. A Veterans Disability Attorney can help significantly.
  • Disabled servicemen and women should check with legal counsel for eligibility.

What VA Benefits Lawyers Do

At the Berke Law Firm P.A., our top attorneys help veterans and their families get approved for federal veteran disability benefits. The statistics don’t lie. Each year, the federal government rejects or denies thousands of applications for veteran’s disability benefits.

It is imperative that injured military members seek qualified legal counsel before submitting claims. A top VA benefits attorney can help you prove a variety of medical conditions.

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Health Conditions The VA Recognizes

During their service, many active military members were exposed to war zones or hazardous conditions. Some of these conditions take a while to cause health effects. Veteran’s disability benefits were developed to help veterans through these difficult physical and mental health issues.

A VA Certified Veterans Disability Lawyer can assist in many ways. Veterans attorneys are especially skilled in obtaining and presenting necessary medical documentation.

Some of these health issues can include:

• Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome
• Exposure to Toxic Chemicals
• Gulf War Syndrome
• Traumatic Brain Injuries
• Cancer
• Depression
• Diabetes
• Orthopedic problems
• Heart Disease
• Immunity Issues
• Server Burns
• Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
• And various other illnesses and conditions

Your VA Disability Attorney will make the case for significant impairment. Even if you do not meet a listed health condition, your lawyer can help. A sound disability advocate understands the sometimes-complex system of Veterans Affairs. With the help of legal counsel, you can prove your eligibility.

Determining Eligibility for Benefits

A number of veterans may be eligible. If you become injured or ill during your service, you may be eligible for veteran’s benefits. You can also receive benefits for injuries or illnesses caused by, or worsened by, your military service. Your compensation for these conditions may include healthcare.

Veterans Affairs requires medical proof. You will need to either be assessed by a U.S. military physician or receive a referral. Upon consulting with a physician, you will be given what is known as an impairment rating. This is a scale used to determine how your injury or condition affects your life.

Some veterans who are 100% impaired will receive 100 Percent Disabled Veterans Benefits. Sadly, there are many veterans like this who are severely disabled. These former servicemen and women cannot function without benefits. Fortunately, 100 percent Disabled Veteran Benefits ensure that a severely disabled veteran can cover the extensive medical costs required.

The higher the rating, the more your condition or injury is considered “disabling.” If you feel that your rating does not represent the extent of your disability, you should contact the best VA Disability Lawyers in your area. Your benefits attorney can help you appeal if need be.

If you are eligible for veteran’s benefits, we urge you to seek the help of an experienced, qualified attorney. Berke Law Firm, P.A. offers experienced Veterans Disability Lawyers. Our attorneys will work with you to submit the best veteran’s disability claim possible. We work hard to prove your disabling condition to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

We know how much you need and deserve disability compensation.

For more information on veteran’s disabilities benefits or to file a claim, please contact the Berke Law Firm P.A. today

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